roxanne green

"Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love"

Hi, I am Roxanne Green, mommy of two amazing children and a believer of the fact that if you are faithful to your taste, nothing you like goes out of style! I am an Interior Designer and a blogger who has a lot to offer to people who want their home to be the earthly heaven. 

Born with creative genes, I carried the tradition forward. I grew up decorating and designing my room. New ideas dawned on me each day, and I would put them in practicality.

Graduate in Interior Designing

It was only my college years when my parents began acknowledging the creativity I had and encouraged me to pursue a degree in Interior Designing from Cornell University, Ithaca New York. After graduation, I helped a couple of friends design their home. However, the place I received appreciation the most was my own.

My husband and children loved my ideas when it came to decor and improvement. I designed our home with pastel colours and a neutral interior that represents the bonding and love our family shares. 

People often question me regarding the driving force behind my passion for decor and home designing. My answer is simple. I think that people have different ways of leading their life and some basic things are a must. Making your home comfortable, sophisticated or vibrant in accordance to your need is one of them.

Interior Designing is My Lifelong Passion

Interior Designing is not just about spending extravagantly and being brand conscious. Great ideas can be implemented by recycling and using things that are already in your home.

Over time, I realized that most women have resources but lack ideas to improve their home. People believe that ideas and passion fade away with age, but I think it is not true. Even at the age of forty-five, new ideas keep flooding my mind, just like starting my Interior Designing blog.

My site will be a collection of inspirational, creative and handy ideas regarding lifestyle – home decor and design. I do not believe in complicating things. Instead, my motto is to keep it simple and make it happen.

It is true to say that home is where the heart is, and your heart belongs to comfortable places. Making their home a peaceful, pleasant and presentable place is everyone's idea of happiness.

My Goal

The idea behind my blog is to celebrate tiny moments of life with joy and laughter. Hence, join me on my journey for beautifying not only your home but your life. Feel free to connect with me on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.