How to Find a Leak in An Air Mattress?

An air mattress is merely a sleeping pad, often known as an inflatable mattress.

I would say it is one of the handiest household items you could ever invest in. Whether you have guests staying over or you’re going somewhere camping, an air mattress can come in handy.

Air mattresses are not just compact and portable, but easily manageable and quite simple to inflate.

They are usually constructed using PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) that is a kind of polymer, whilst some air mattresses are manufactured using rubber or similar materials.

You can simply inflate an air mattress by pumping it with the help of an air pump into its valve. On the other hand, you can quickly deflate and store it when it is not in use.

However, air mattresses require a bit of extra care and caution. Why? Because they’re prone to leakage if not taken care of properly. Although you can use them for years if you maintain them appropriately.

Let me clear something, taking care of an air mattress isn’t very complicated. Just make sure it doesn’t have any holes.

finding leaks in your air mattress

According to mattress experts, more than 70% of air mattresses are damaged because of developing holes overtime.

As a matter of fact, a single hole can significantly reduce the life of your mattress. Hence, it requires proper maintenance and care in order to make your air mattress last long.

Although there isn’t a marked way to save your air mattress from developing leaks, it all comes down to where and how you keep your mattress.

Air mattresses may become rough as the time shall pass. They may have a hard bottom surface.

Nevertheless, there are a few ways you can identify if there’s a hole in your mattress.

Evaluate the Mattress with Your Hands

You can simply use your hands to find a leakage in your air mattress. This is no rocket science, here is what you need to do:

Start by inflating your air mattress.

Keep it in a room that has enough light, preferably sunlight.

Evaluate the entire mattress by putting pressure on it using your hands.

Areas with leaks will prominently release the air that you can easily feel with your hands.

Make sure to move your hands around the mattress in slow motion.

In case you find a leak, mark it using an ink pen.

Deflate the mattress once you’re done and get it repaired ASAP.

A bonus tip that I’d like to share with you is that you wet your hands while checking the leaks. The air deflating from the mattress would instantly feel cold to your hands; henceforth, it would become easier for you to gauge it.

Use a Piece of Tissue Paper

Another great way to find holes in your mattress is with the help of a tissue paper. Following is the procedure that you need to follow:

Inflate your mattress entirely.

Keep it in a room that is quiet and away from any unnecessary sounds.

Place a tissue paper on the mattress surface, starting from top to bottom.

Be sure to cover every part of the mattress.

Pay attention to the sounds it makes. There’d be a hissing sound in case of a leak.

Slightly apply the pressure at the surface where you place the tissue paper.

Ensure not to miss out any part of the mattress.

When you’re done finding the hole, deflate the mattress and send it for repair.

If you’re not up for using tissue paper or if it isn’t an option, you can alternatively use a piece of foil paper. It would work in a similar manner, don’t worry about it.

Dip the Mattress in Your Bathtub

Wondering what I am talking about? Yes, you can find holes in your air mattress by submerging it into your bathtub. Let me explain what you need to do here:

Inflate the mattress partially.

Once done, seal the valve of your air mattress, so no further air gets inside it.

Now submerge different parts of the mattress into the bathtub and start applying pressure on each side.

In case of a hole, you’ll see bubbles appearing in the water.

Take the mattress out of the water and mark the area that has a hole.

Alright. It’s time to dry your mattress.

After drying the mattress, get it repaired.

Dip the Mattress in Your Bathtub

You can find leaks in your mattress using a dishwashing liquid. Sounds unusual, doesn't it?

Below I have mentioned the process you can follow to find a leak in your air mattress using a bar of soap or dishwashing liquid, but let’s see the list of things you’ll require for this: 

  • An empty spray bottle
  • A bar of soap or a dishwashing liquid 
  • Lukewarm water

After you’re done collecting the things I have mentioned above. Follow the steps mentioned below to identify the air mattress holes.

Take the air mattress into a spacious room.

Be sure to lit the room adequately.

Okay. Inflate the mattress now.

Mark the valve of the air mattress and seal it since it is where you mostly find the holes.

Take the dishwashing soap and lukewarm water, then create a mixture by thoroughly mixing them together.

Spray the dishwashing solution on each and every part of your air mattress.

If there’s a hole in your mattress, you’ll see the bubbles forming in the particular area.

Make sure to analyze it in proper lighting.

If a hole is found, mark it immediately.

Bingo! Dry your mattress and send it for repair.

It is a very effective technique, especially for the bigger leaks and holes.

Needless to say, bigger holes are hard to repair and they can deteriorate the life of your mattress in less than no time.

Repair Techniques for Air Mattress Holes

repair techniques for air mattress holes

Alright. Are you done identifying the holes in your air mattress? Did you successfully find one?

I have an air mattress of my own, and it developed a number of holes on my last camping trip. It was then I began researching ways to fix air mattress holes.

By the way I have a Sound Asleep Dream Series Twin-Size Air Mattress and truth be told, it serves me really well. Henceforth, it is highly recommended to all. 

Adding to it, there are a number of repair techniques that you can use in order to fix the leaks and holes in an air mattress. Let me explain a few I found useful.

Fixing it with Hot Glue

The wear and tear in air mattresses are common. You can easily fill up one with the help of hot glue. 

Yet you need to be extra cautious when filling up the holes with hot glue.

Be sure the glue gun doesn’t come in contact with the air mattress. Or else, the glue gun would melt the rubber material of the air mattress and aggravate the matter even more.

If you don’t know much about adhesives, you can try Ccbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun. It works wonders. 

Air Mattress Patch Kit

Purchase an air mattress patch kit to fix the holes in your mattress. It is precisely like replacing the button of your shirt with an extra original one attached inside.

You can fill in the holes with the help of your patch kit conveniently and save it from additional damage.

A lot of air mattresses bring a patch kit of their own, but if you want to purchase one, here is an excellent recommendation. Tear-Aid Repair Vinyl Kit is the best you can get.

A friend of mine has tried it out, and she swears by how effective it is.

Air Mattress Patch Kit

Are you tired of looking for ways to fix the holes in your air mattress? Let me share the perfect DIY fix with you.

You can create a patch of your own with the help of a shower liner or any other hard plastic material that may be easier for you to get. Just be sure to create a patch in a bigger size to ensure appropriate coverage.

The patch MUST overlap the entire area around the hole. Use any suitable adhesive to paste the patch on the surface of the mattress. 

I would recommend you to purchase Gorilla Super Glue Gel. It is the best option when it comes to adhesives.

In case you’re looking for a temporary fix, there’s always duct tape. You can cover the hole with duct tape and make it usable for some time. Still, one thing to remember is that it isn’t a permanent fix; therefore, it won’t hold up for long.

At the end of the day, managing an air mattress isn’t something hard to begin with. All you need to do is store it carefully in a compact place so that it doesn’t develop any dips or holes. That is all, and you’ll be good to use it for years to come.

Follow the tips and tricks I have shared above and enjoy your time while sleeping on that air mattress. Rest well!

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