What are the Benefits of Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress?

The world of mattresses is quite complex to begin with, yet there are several ways a mattress plays significant roles in our lives.

I recently purchased two mattresses for my home, one for my parents’ bedroom and the other for my own use.

In the process of looking and choosing one to purchase, I learned a lot about them. I looked everywhere, from brands to online product reviews, and there are numerous things I learnt.

Though each mattress has its benefits, the memory foam mattress is the one that I am irrevocably in love with. I’ve purchased one for my room, and it’s been almost one year since it has become my solace.

If you’re merely here for a few seconds, here I have a rundown with the merits of a memory foam mattress. Skim through them to get a better idea.

  • It is comfortable for side, back and front sleepers.
  • It helps relieve body aches.
  • It has little to no chance of sagging.
  • It conforms well with the body.
  • It keeps the allergens at bay.
  • It provides excellent support.
  • It is durable. 
  • It can isolate motion. 
  • It can be moulded and bent in seconds. 
  • It is very responsive. 
benefits of sleeping on memory foam mattress
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One incredible thing that I got to know about memory foam is that it was initially made for NASA in the early 1970s for the seats of their aeroplanes.

Till now, it has been dominating the markets of mattresses because of the comfort level it tends to bring along.

Memory foam is made using a viscoelastic material. It is generally considered as both, plush and firm. Also, it is exceptionally energy absorbent, which is another plus point.

As a response to pressure and heat, memory foam conforms very well with the body along with distributing the weight evenly.

The best part of it is that, once the pressure is removed, it gets back to its original shape.

Apart from protecting you from the impact, all these factors certainly make memory foam the best choice.

Besides its use in NASA’s virgin flights, you’ll be surprised to know that memory foam has played a significant part in other conventional areas of science and medicine as well.

One notable example is the use of memory foam in shoes as well as helmets for cushioning, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the medicine world, memory foam is popularly known as a solution to bedsores and ulcers. You’ll find memory foam mattresses in hospitals, and it is used in the making of wheelchairs and stretchers as well.

Needless to say, memory foam has now become the life of mattresses, cushions, and pillows. 

All these facts about memory foam primarily make it a winnable material.

Since I have a memory foam mattress as well, and from all the reviews I have read, there are a number of good things that I’ve extracted.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

benefits of memory foam mattress
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Imagine crawling into bed at night, all tired, and then staying uncomfortable because of saggy and lumpy mattress?

It would be a torturing experience. Isn’t it?

Well, I had similar issues, restless nights, body aches, and muscle stiffness, but the antidote to all these problems is my memory foam mattress.

I sleep warmly now and wake up all fresh and raring to start the day.

It feels like nirvana, and I am confident you want to have a life alike as well, so why not try a memory foam mattress?

Keep reading to know about the wonderful benefits that a memory foam mattress brings for you.

Comfortable for all Sleeping Positions

One thing that I admire about memory foam mattresses is that they’re ideal for every sleeping position.

They come with a resilient nature; therefore, they have the ability to accommodate all postures comfortably.

The material of a memory foam mattress is entirely adjustable, and it distributes the weight of your body evenly.

I still sleep on my belly, and I have often observed that it holds my spine in a superb alignment while people that sleep on their backs and sides enjoy posture support as well.

No More Backache

One disturbing thing about the traditional mattresses is that they start sagging after some time, and as a result, they contribute to your backache.

The viscoelastic material used in the making of memory foam promotes the perfect alignment for your spine, which in turn provides you with a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

I had issues with my spine as well, and the backache was my biggest nightmare, but my memory foam mattress was so supportive that now it’s been a year, my concerns like back pain and joint stiffness have entirely vanished.

No Sinkage and Sagging

It has been a major issue for me in the past.

The reason behind why I had to change my previous mattress so quickly was because it started sagging. To be honest, who likes to sleep on a saggy bed?

Memory foam mattresses as of now are constructed using high-quality adaptive materials. 

They’re the best combination of soft and firm.

A memory foam bed can contour as per the weight and shape of your body when pressure is applied, and once the pressure is taken off, the mattress gets back to its original form.

Hence, the chance of sagging in a memory foam mattress is infrequent.

Rest assured, you won’t have to make another purchase just because your bed started sagging and causing trouble.

Body-Conforming Properties

The body-conforming feature of a memory foam bed is a significant reason I couldn’t neglect it and purchased it instead.

As I mentioned before, memory foam mattresses are constructed with temperature resistant materials; that is why they respond to body weight and heat very well. 

While I sleep at night on my memory foam mattress, it quickly conforms to every curve of my body.

It is an absolutely fantastic property of a memory foam bed that makes it the best in them all.

Hypoallergenic Material

I have a running issue of allergies in my family; thus, I am very particular about materials that contribute to my allergies.

Memory foam mattresses are considered hypoallergenic, and they have an uncanny ability to fight off all those organisms that cause allergies, including dust mites, bed bugs, and more.

You may have heard about polyurethane, which is popularly known as a hypoallergenic material.

Most memory foam mattresses are manufactured using polyurethane; hence, they can repel the allergens and keep them at bay while providing you with a peaceful sleep all night.

Exceptional Support

Memory foam beds are famous in the mattress world for providing customised support to its users.

My memory foam mattress provides me with a lovely sand-like feel, so I sleep warmly just like a baby.

All the memory foam mattresses by high-end brands offer an excellent level of breathability, and exceptional support customised according to the body weight and size.

These beds are available in several firmness levels and densities, medium as well as high, so you can choose one as per your requirements.

Fun Facts About Memory Foam Mattresses

fun facts about memory foam mattress
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We have now established that memory foam beds are incredibly cosy as well as comfy, but of course, there is more to it.

Over the years, I have found a number of properties that make memory foam mattresses even more interesting.

Here I have put together a list of some amazing fun facts about memory foam mattresses, so let’s dig into them:

A memory foam mattress can last up to 20 years if you take proper care of it. Thus, it is durable.

It is a perfect mattress for side sleepers. It accommodates your spine and hip bone better than all traditional mattresses.

It makes you sleep hotter, even if your body temperature remains moderate in the day. Due to its warm nature, manufacturers are now adding cooling agents to keep the memory foam mattresses fresh at night.

It comes with a particular scent that goes away over time.

Memory foam is made using synthetic materials, but surprisingly, they’re not harmful at all. To tell you the truth, no hazardous chemical is used in the construction of a memory foam mattress.

It can be rolled and bent into the size of a small box. So, it won’t take much space if you want to keep it in your store for a while.

It is the most responsive mattress. Even if you fold it down, it will get back to its original shape as soon as you open it again.

It is constructed using layers and layers of foam; therefore, it is said to be an amalgam of a firm and plush mattress.

All these facts and benefits of memory foam beds make them worth a try.

Let’s just agree for a minute that such inventions have made our lives a lot easier and comfortable.

Sleep is of utmost importance! How you sleep decides how you function the other day, making it an even critical subject.

If you want to sleep as peacefully as I do, it is a wise option to invest in a memory foam mattress.

So, let’s switch to memory foam beds and make our sleep worthwhile.

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