Do I Need A Mattress Protector?

Purchasing a new mattress is an investment in itself, and I am confident you don’t want to spoil your newly purchased possession. Imagine having stains on your mattress? Or, having allergens or bed bugs?

Wondering how you can enjoy the breathability of your new mattress while protecting it from all those things?

In case of accidental spills, can you merely wash the mattress and make it clean as it came new? Alas, at the end of the day, the only thing you’ll need to buy is a mattress protector.

Although you can clean those stains off your mattress, or maybe wash it once after a few months, but to keep it all clean and protected, there’s no better option than investing in a mattress cover.

Purchasing a high-quality mattress cover is something that will open the cage of worries you’ve made inside your head.

Make sure to get a mattress protector that matches the size of your mattress, and it will fit exactly like a bedsheet.

A mattress protector can be easily washed in the washing machine alongside the bedsheets and pillow covers.

A hypoallergenic mattress protector would not just protect you from various allergens like bed bugs, mites, and bacteria, but it will also ensure that your mattress is safe from all the accidental spills and liquids.

Apart from that, a mattress protector would keep your mattress new for a really long time to come.

It is that one thing which is going to save you a considerable amount of money later down the road.

So, are you thinking about purchasing one? What qualities do a mattress protector needs to have in order to be the best? Is it worth it to invest in a mattress protector?

Read on to know more about mattress protectors, why you need them, their benefits, and how to choose the perfect one.

functions of a mattress protector

Following are the few things that a mattress protector would do for you:

Keeps the Allergens at Bay

Allergies due to mites, bed bugs, and dust are common these days. They can eventually lead to various medical conditions like asthma, upper-tract respiratory infection, body hives, and more.

Bed bugs spread in a matter of a few days, and such infestations are hard to get rid of. 

Therefore, using a mattress protector is a convenient option as all you need to do is change the mattress protector in case you come across bed bugs or dust mites.

Maintains Your Mattress’s Cleanliness

Human bodies naturally perspire while sleeping, which is gross. Oil glands in the human body are a lot more active at night than in the day. Besides, a number of activities are performed that can wet the bed.

Your mattress, as well as the bedsheet, can soak all these things in, which affects the cleanliness. A mattress protector acts as a shield for your mattress and maintains its freshness.

Helps Your Mattress Last Long

All these things, including accidental spills, perspiration, and sweat, will severely affect the quality of your mattress while shortening its life.

Consider your mattress a beauty blending sponge; it wears down after some time if not taken care of. Similarly, every ounce of moisture and sweat contributes to the condition of the mattress. Thus, a mattress protector plays a crucial role in protecting the life of your mattress.

Takes Care of the Warranty

From little stains to infestations, all these things can significantly void your mattress’s warranty. It doesn’t matter how you got that stain; it will still affect the warranty. It is precisely the reason why having a mattress protector is one safe option.

A few years ago when I was planning to purchase a mattress for my room, I got one for $200, even though it wasn’t the most expensive option, it was still pretty much out of my budget.

Initially, I enjoyed its comfort and slept peacefully like a little child, but eventually, it started wearing out. It became saggy, and ultimately, I had to go through the worst lower backache of my life.

It is primarily the reason why I had to purchase another one, but this time around I went for the one that was merely the cheapest option available in the market.

Surprisingly, it’s been two years now, and my mattress is still as it came new and my health? It’s perfect as well, no backaches now!

Check Out Your Budget

As a matter of fact, everyone has a different budget. Most of the people cannot afford to spend hundreds just for a mattress; therefore, it is always a safe option to take care of the one you already have in order to save all those extra bucks.

I want to give my two cents here as well, just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean it has topnotch quality as well. Just make sure to take care of it, and it’s all you need anyway.

To take the best care of your mattress, here I have a few things you can follow:

Rotating and flipping your mattress is something ordinary, but it is of great significance. As per the experts, when you begin rotating and flipping the mattress every now and then, it wears out evenly that is, undoubtedly, not something odd.

Try not to stick to one side of the bed. Although each one of us has a favourite spot in the lounge, on the couch or even the bed, it is a sensible idea not to stick to one side of the mattress. Sleeping on the same side of the mattress every night can make your mattress loose and saggy.

Avoid jumping on your loved mattress, please. I know that it sounds more than fun to jump around, especially on that cosy bed, but it goes without saying that jumping around can loosen its springs and can affect its fabric as well as coils.

Don’t forget about layering, and I don’t mean with the bedsheets only. A bedsheet does protect your mattress, but a mattress protector is what you need to preserve its comfort. A mattress protector would keep your mattress safe from all the stains, allergens, and liquid spills as well as add extra padding to your bed, making it comfier.

Lastly, practice good hygiene! Make sure to wash your feet before going to bed at night, and ensure that your clothes are clean and pleasant smelling, your mattress can soak the dirt before you know and expire before its time.

Mattress Protector VS. Mattress Encasement

mattress protector vs mattress encasement

Are you still confused about what a mattress protector really is?! Well, I was confused about it initially for so many years. From then till now, what I learned is that you can protect your mattress in two ways, one is with a mattress protector, and the other is using a mattress encasement.

A mattress protector is a layer at the top of your mattress; whilst, a mattress encasement is a cover for your mattress that entirely locks it down. Each one of them is slightly different than the other in how they work and feel.

A Mattress Encasement

While I was looking for ways to safeguard my newest investment, I came across a mattress encasement. It is designed to cover the mattress from top to bottom, providing maximum protection.

Mattress encasements are mostly zippered, and they bring along a 360-degree coverage. Hence, they protect the mattresses from allergens and all sorts of infestations.

The only downside here is that they require a little more effort for the cleaning as compared to a mattress protector.

A Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is more or less similar to a mattress encasement. It fits your price possession just like a fitted bedsheet, but the coverage is only for the front. It can protect the mattress from bacteria, stains, and accidental spills.

Mattress protectors are generally made with water-resistant fabrics, but you need not worry, as they’re breathable as well as durable. Some of them even come with a cooling technology providing exceptional comfort while protecting it simultaneously.

Finding a High-quality Mattress Protector

high quality mattress

Over the years, I have seen a wide range of mattress protectors in the markets, which makes choosing one quite overwhelming. Each one comes with its own properties, merits, and demerits. To select one that is high in quality and protection, and is worth the money, observe the rules I’ve stated below:

Choose the Material Wisely

First thing first, choose a fabric that is moisture and water-resistant and at the same time, allows breathability. Vinyl, polyester and terry cloth are a few examples of such materials that are breathable and keep the moisture at bay.

Determine its Protection Ability

One quality that a mattress protector ought to have is that it should be liquid repellent, but sadly, most of the options available in the markets can only stand a little amount of moisture, which makes them less protective. Make sure to ask around before making the final purchase; protection ability is something that shouldn’t be compromised.

Consider the Product Reviews

Until you try something on your own, you never really get an idea about how it actually works or what properties it brings for real. Therefore, before you move ahead and purchase the thing, consider the product reviews.

I recently purchased a mattress cover of my own, and since it was a new brand in the block, little did I know about it. The only support I had was the product reviews, and I can proudly say that the best-rated ones were indeed worth the money.

While some people call me over conscious about my bedding, but I personally feel that a key to turn all those restlessness nights into calmer times is by improving the quality of the bedding. And needless to say, your mattress defines how comfortable you would be sleeping; therefore, protecting the mattress wouldn’t be wrong. Sleep comfier and get moving!

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