What are the Pros and Cons of a Foam VS. Spring Mattress?

While seeking a new mattress, comfort is my first and foremost priority. 

Imagine when you go to bed after working all day, tired, and then struggling to sleep just because your mattress is not comfortable enough? 

It is frustrating! Isn’t it?

I have been in a similar situation for months now, and I have finally come to terms with the fact that it is my mattress, due to which I cannot manage to rest as peacefully as I deserve. 

My mattress is quite old now; therefore, it has started sagging and just recently, it has developed lots of dips.

Thus, I know that it is about time I switch my old saggy mattress with a new one.

It’s been more than a week that I am looking for a new mattress, but guess what? I am still contemplating whether I should go with a foam mattress or purchase a spring mattress instead.

After a lot of research, from various retail stores and brands to online product reviews, there are numerous things that I have learnt about both kinds.

For a quick look at the merits and demerits of foam and spring mattresses, please skim through the table below:

PropertiesFoam MattressesSpring Mattresses
For Side Sleepers
For Front Sleepers
For Back Sleepers
For Young Adults
For Older People
For Joint Stiffness
For Body Aches

Moving on to the details, let’s start with foam mattresses first! 

Two famous mattress types that have been making the rounds in the world of mattresses are memory foam and latex foam beds.

memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress is made using polyurethane, which is popularly known for its hypoallergenic properties.

Hence, it would be fair for people like me (with various allergies running in the family) to go with a memory foam mattress.

I recently went to a retail store in Chicago, where I tried a memory foam mattress.

It was not too firm, but not too soft either, still one thing that I love about it is the way it conformed to my body.

I am a side sleeper, and it gave ample space to my shoulder and hip bone to sink in while providing perfect alignment to my spine. 

Memory foam mattresses are long-lasting and can last up to 15 years if properly maintained.

Latex Foam Mattress

latex foam mattress

A latex foam mattress is constructed using all-natural materials, directly obtained from the rubber trees.

Therefore, for anyone who prefers purchasing environment-friendly goods, a latex foam bed is an excellent pick.

What I love most about a latex foam mattress is its bouncy nature.

I wouldn’t call it ‘too plush’, but it is notably bouncy; whereby, it provides you with a sand-like feel.

Talking about its durability, it can last up to 20 years.

All you need to do is take proper care of it, and you won’t need another mattress for the next 15-20 years.

Though it wouldn’t conform with every curve of your body as a memory foam mattress does, it is comfortable enough to provide you with a restful sleep all night.

Pros of a Foam Mattress

pros of a foam mattress

Needless to say, there are several benefits that foam mattresses bring along, which makes them one of a kind. I am certain you’re aware of many, but not all. So, let’s dig into some of their amazing advantages:

It is moldable

It can be bent and moulded into any shape you want, and the best part of it is that it’ll get back to its original form as soon as the pressure is relieved. Precisely, foam mattresses respond very well to the pressure.

It provides exceptional support

Body aches are a common issue that you get to hear about. I happen to have backache every once in a while, and it is primarily why I am very concerned about my bedding. 

Foam mattresses are famous for providing phenomenal support to the pressure points of the body. Consequently, it helps eliminate body aches.

It is plush and comfy

No matter what firmness level you choose, a foam mattress is still plush to sleep on. It is generally made using layers and layers of foam, and as a result of that, it’s soft and fluffy.

It can isolate motion

It comes with an ability to isolate motion. That being so, if you sleep with your partner, you wouldn’t even feel if they move around or change sides at night.

It is durable

Over and above that, it is exceptionally durable. A foam mattress can easily last up to 15 years if it is appropriately taken care of. Due to this reason, I call it cost-effective as its durability makes it worth the price.

Cons of a Foam Mattress

Everything has its pros and cons, and just like that, a mattress has its drawbacks as well.

I am thinking to purchase a foam mattress as well, but I still cannot neglect the fact that it has its cons.

Following are a few cons of a foam mattress that I have gotten to know.

A foam mattress comes with a particular odour, the scent of chemicals. Though it goes away over time, it is there for a few days when you purchase it.

It is constructed using a temperature sensitive material, and because of that, it can be complicated to handle in extreme weather conditions.

Foam mattresses, both memory foam and latex foam are not very pocket-friendly. I know they are durable, and they serve you for a long time, it is still a hefty investment to begin with.

You may have heard that foam mattresses tend to provide you with hot sleep. Even though it is comfortable in the winter season, for summers, it isn’t something comfy.

Innerspring Mattress

innerspring mattress

The trend of innerspring mattresses is somewhat similar to the denim trend. How? They never go out of style! 

An innerspring mattress is made using metal coils, and this is where it takes its name from.

Even though they have a few layers of foam as well, a significant part of an innerspring mattress is its coil system.

It is a character that defines an innerspring mattress, the quality and number of coils it has.

Apart from that, the comfort level it brings along is indeed unquestionable.

The top layer of an innerspring mattress is made using pure foam; thus, it is plush enough to provide you with the comfort and support you need. 

However, the life of an innerspring mattress relies upon the quality and number of coils within.

Pros of an Innerspring Mattress

pros of spring mattress

My parents have an innerspring mattress for years now, and I know how delighted they are to have it. 

Over the years, I have seen some great benefits it has brought to my home. Read on to know some of them before you get to purchase one.

It is soft and bouncy

Everybody knows that an innerspring mattress is extremely plush and bouncy. It wouldn’t let you sink in much while protecting your bones and muscles. 

It can resistant temperature

An innerspring mattress is constructed with temperature resistant material. It would keep you fresh in summer and warm in winter so you won’t get to face the issue of sleeping too hot or cold.

It works with all the sleeping styles

It is ideal for pretty much every sleeping position.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a side or back sleeper, an innerspring mattress would provide you with the necessary support in every sleeping style.

Even if you roll on the mattress, the springy nature of such mattress will make moving around easier.

It is economically priced

It wouldn’t break the bank for you. Yes, an innerspring mattress is easily affordable, so you don’t have to give much thought to it even if you’re on a budget.

Cons of an Innerspring Mattress

Like any other traditional mattresses, innerspring mattress has some disadvantages as well. Although none of the cons makes it a wrong choice, it is merely something you need to be aware of before investing in it.

An innerspring mattress can easily disturb your sleep as it isn’t very good with isolating motion; therefore, it is not the best choice for people that aren’t sound sleepers.

It is bouncy and provides incredible cushioning; yet, it can cause joint pains because of its plush nature, unlike foam mattresses.

It isn’t quite magical for light sleepers as it doesn’t distribute the weight as evenly as a high-end mattress should.

It can last up to 10 years with proper care and maintenance, but after that, you’ll have to replace it because the springs would lose their shape and quality with time.

With all these cons, I’d still say an innerspring mattress isn’t a bad choice. 

Experts suggest changing the mattress after 8-10 years, so the limited durability of spring beds isn’t a drawback either.

Yet at the end of the day, it comes down to what you like, or what you’re comfortable with.

With all these pros and cons, I’m confident purchasing a mattress would become easier for you.

Both kinds of mattresses, Foam and innerspring, bring certain benefits for everyone. 

The foam mattress is something that I fancy, but a spring mattress is one thing that falls in my budget.

Thereby, I am going with a foam mattress since I prioritise my comfort over my budget.

I’d suggest you study the two and make an informed decision. Sleep well, everyone!

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