How Long Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

Are you looking to buy a new mattress?

What do you have in mind? Any specific kind that you fancy?

There are a number of things that you need to think about while purchasing a new mattress. Yet one looming question that everyone wonders about at one point is ‘How long a mattress can last?

So, here I have come along with some satisfying answers for you.

In this article today, I will be talking about memory foam mattresses. I have a memory foam mattress as well, so I thought it would be fair to keep it on top of the list.

Let’s start with the basics! 

Wondering what makes a memory foam mattress a champion in the world of mattresses?

Well, a memory foam mattress is made using comfy layers and layers of polyurethane that is also known as support foam. It conforms well to your body and moulds itself as per your shape and size.

Oh, wait. What happens when the pressure is relieved? 

The mattress gradually bounces back to its original form. Isn’t it magical?

Over time, it will get used to the shape of your body as well as your sleeping position. It is where it takes its name from ‘memory’.

What Makes a Memory Foam Mattress so Popular?

what makes memory foam mattresses so popular

There are several reasons why memory foam mattresses are preferred by most people out there. 

Let’s shed some light on a few rational reasons I can think of at the moment:

It distributes your body weight evenly.

It relieves stress from the pressure points of your body.

It is movement-resistant. Thereby, you won’t get disturbed while your partner moves.

It keeps you fresh while you’re asleep, making it the best choice for a warmer climate.

It conforms perfectly according to the sleeping style and shape of your body.

It has an extended life of 10-15 years if appropriately taken care of.

It can successfully diminish body aches, precisely the reason why it is medically recommended.

The Life of a Memory Foam Mattress

how long does a memory foam mattress last

According to the sleep council, you should replace your mattress after every 7-8 years.

Even though predicting the life of a mattress is complex, there are two things that can significantly determine how long your mattress can last:

  • How do you care for it?
  • The quality and making of the mattress.

As a matter of fact, a low-end memory foam mattress can easily last up to ten years depending upon how well you take care of it. Generally, it is said that a memory foam mattress lasts longer than hybrid and innerspring mattresses.

However, a memory foam mattress with a higher density can last even more than ten years. The more layering it has, the longer it is going to last.

Apart from that, memory foam mattresses are considered exceptionally durable. Memory foam itself brings along unique properties.

It is said to be heat sensitive, and it comes with a quality of moulding as per the requirement of your body.

The best part of it is that it gets back to its shape when not in use, year after year. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a prize winning material.

Taking Care of Your Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are popularly known for their durable nature, but you still cannot ignore the fact that they require proper care.

I purchased my memory foam mattress around two years ago, and it is still as new as it came.

It is apparent that I make reasonable efforts to take care of it. Let me share some practical tips and tricks with you that can help you enhance your mattress’s life.

Give it time to breathe. Make sure to ventilate your bedroom regularly.

Be sure to use a slatted base for your mattress as it facilitates adequate airflow.

Use a mattress topper or a mattress encasement to protect your pricey product from all those accidental spills and perspiration.

Wash your mattress cover every now and then to avoid stains.

Clean your mattress periodically with a damp piece of cloth and a mild fabric cleaner.

Vacuum your mattress once after 2-3 months to avoid the risk of pest infestation.

Ensure not to expose your mattress core to sunlight as UV rays can harm its fabric while deteriorating its life.

Rotating the mattress can also make a big difference. Hence, it would be great if you rotate your memory foam mattress from time to time.

Simple, isn’t it? Taking care of your mattress isn’t rocket science. A few doable steps can help you protect its durability.

Though memory foam mattresses are generally long-lasting, caring for them is crucial anyway.

Determining the Quality of Memory Foam Mattresses

While purchasing a memory foam mattress, considering its quality and making is essential. It is something that can determine the life of your mattress.

Like I mentioned earlier, high-end memory foam mattresses with additional layers of polyurethane usually last longer. Whereas, the foam of low-end memory foam mattress may break down gradually as the time shall pass.

Wondering how you can measure the quality of its foam?

Well, it isn't anything complicated. All you need to do is confirm its density from the seller, and you’ll be good to go for years to come.

The Density of Your Memory Foam Mattress

Needless to say, a memory foam mattress with lower density is not unsafe to purchase.

How? Let me give you an example!

If you’re thinking to re-do your guest room that is not used regularly, getting a low-density memory foam mattress wouldn’t be a wrong choice.

Since guest rooms are not used often, a low-end memory foam mattress would be perfect. Also, it can help you save a considerable amount of money. Great bid, what do you say?

While looking for a new memory foam mattress, be sure to purchase one from a reputable mattress company. High-end brands often disclose the foam density beforehand that can provide you with the confidence you need before buying a new mattress.

I have a queen-sized Zinus memory foam mattress, and it has a five-year extended warranty, making it the safest choice.

It has been two years and honestly, I am still looking for the flaws. My memory foam mattress has brought me the solace I craved for a long time.

It conforms well to my body while providing me with a sound sleep throughout the night. What else would you expect from a mattress?

A Few Memory Foam Facts

memory foam facts

Before summing up the article, let me enlighten you with a few fun facts about memory foam.

Memory foam was initially invented for use by NASA. Hence, it is known as a space-age invention that has been used for various purposes, including aeroplane seats.

Memory foam now carries a stamp of Certified Space Technology.

Previously, memory foam was used in the making of track shoes as they help cushion your feet and keep them comfortable.

Memory foam relieves pressure from the critical areas of the body, which includes your back, shoulder, and neck.

New memory foam products have a distinct odour, but it goes away over time.

Memory foam is an elastic material; thereby, you can easily roll your memory foam mattress when it’s not in use.

Memory foam mattresses made their mark in the early 1990's in the US after their health benefits were recognized.

Besides the mattresses, memory foam is also used in the making of pillows, cushions, and breakfast rolls.

Still contemplating if you should purchase a memory foam mattress?

To tell you the truth, buying one is the best decision I have made so far. Thus, if you’re looking for a new mattress that will go the distance, give a try to a memory foam mattress.

I am confident you won’t be disappointed to make this bet.

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