How Long Does a Mattress Last?

A mattress is, undoubtedly, a price possession for everyone. Ever wonder going into a chaos of purchasing a new mattress just after a few months? It is something overwhelming, isn’t it?

Two years ago, I bought a mattress for my room. I still remember it was for $300, which is way out of my budget even now. The worst part of the story is that the mattress I purchased became my biggest nightmare. 

After using it for only three months, it started sagging, and due to its loose coils and saggy surface, I went through major spinal issues.

It was then my physician strictly asked me to change the mattress immediately, and I had to go through the entire process of selecting and purchasing it again.

How long does a mattress last? It is that one question I thought most about before I went ahead and purchased the second mattress for my own use.

It is because I wasn’t only concerned about the money I was investing in it; I thought of it as something I was going to live with for many years to come. Nonetheless, I’ve yet to find an accurate answer to my question.

Adding to it, the comfort and breathability of the mattress are the two things that determine its lifespan.

If you’re aware of the lifespan of your mattress, you can make an informed decision. It will eventually provide you with a peaceful sleep in all those restless nights and improve the quality of your sleep as well.

After my horrible experience, there are a number of things I’ve learnt. So here I would be talking about everything you need to know before making a purchase.

After all those restlessness nights, backache, and anxiety, I started researching about the types of mattresses available in the markets. Following are a few types I considered while buying one for my room:

Innerspring Mattress

innerspring mattress
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Innerspring mattresses are made using coils as they bring along metal support. In order to check the quality of an innerspring mattress, simply look for the number of coils it has. The more loops a mattress has, the better the quality it provides.

Make sure to check the shape of springs used to make the mattress as they can significantly affect the support it provides. People that prefer sleeping on their sides, front, or back can comfortably use an innerspring mattress.

Memory Foam

memory foam mattress
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If you like sleeping on your side just like I do, a memory foam mattress is what you need to have. I have a memory foam mattress, and I love how it amazingly conforms to my body. While sleeping on my side, it provides me with the much-needed hip and back support.

Apart from that, it has minimal chances of sagging because of the additional layers of foam it brings along. The best thing about it is that I have been using it for a year and a half now, and I never had to flip my mattress. It is still as comfy as it came new.

Latex Foam

latex foam mattress
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You’re not into the memory foam? Let’s go with latex foam! Latex mattresses are more or less similar to memory foam mattresses, but their upside is that they’re made using natural materials; whereas, memory foam somewhat has synthetic materials.

For anyone with a constant problem of backache, Latex mattress is an excellent option. It provides an opportunity to choose between different levels of plushness and firmness in order to aid people that sleep on their back and front.

A little downside of the latex mattress is that it stays cold and doesn’t heat up much, but it is manageable if you’re living in a warm region.

Gel Mattress

gel mattress
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It is hilarious how I used to think of it as something entirely filled with gel, which is not true. A gel mattress has gel inside its upholstery layer of foam, which makes it a little different than the regular memory foam mattress.

For all those living in cold regions, it is certainly a smart choice to purchase a gel mattress as it effectively heats the body, providing a night of peaceful baby-like sleep.

Water Mattress

water mattress
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When talking about the mattress, how can you ignore the water bed? I mean, could you?! In a water mattress, water is usually a major source of support. It is cute how it’s something jiggly and comfortable at the same time.

Although you’ll get to choose between the levels of firmness you need, whether you prefer free-flowing water bed or the one with the wave-less flow. Nevertheless, it depends on the amount of support you require.

Adjustable Mattress

Are you sick and tired of your growing health issues, especially body aches? An adjustable base mattress is a solution to all the body aches you may suffer from. It is entirely flexible, for instance, I tried one for a month while I was going through the spinal issues, I had to keep my head elevated, and the adjustable base mattress supported me through it all.

Determining the Lifespan of the Mattress

mattress lifespan

As a matter of fact, a mattress ought to serve you for years to come, not just one or two. Needless to say, not all mattresses last long, only a few do. It is said that the lifespan of a mattress relies upon its fabric quality and materials used.

Moving ahead to the statistics, most of the mattress by high-end brands have an average life expectancy of 8-10 years, but it goes without saying that a mattress can last longer than that if it is appropriately taken care of. However, it is generally advised to replace a mattress after ten years of use. According to my experience, memory foam, as well as latex, tends to serve you a lot longer than their life expectancy.

Believe it or not, several factors impact the lifespan of your mattress, including:

The way you clean your mattress and protect it from stains, accidental spills, bugs and more. When regularly cleaned, your mattress stays in perfect condition and lasts longer. Therefore, make sure to wipe off all those stains, moisture, and get rid of allergens like bed bugs, mites, and dust.

As contradictory as it may sound, people with massive body weight reduce the volume of the mattress and exert unnecessary pressure, which, as a result, reduces its life. That being so, people with less body weight exert little to no pressure, thus implying a long life.

Another essential thing is to ensure not to put sharp-edged or heavy things on the mattress as it can affect the quality.

Lastly, take a step back and do not eat on that mattress. Accidental spills can ultimately make the material of the mattress weak while damaging its quality.

Increasing the Lifespan of Your Mattress

In order to extend the life of my mattress, I have tried numerous things. Even though all of them didn’t work, but some of them did. Read on to know about a few tips that I found useful:

Using a Mattress Protector

mattress protector vs mattress encasement

It is next to impossible to forget about a mattress protector when talking about preserving the life of the mattress. A mattress protector is designed to keep your mattress secured from all the insignificant things that significantly damage the mattress’s quality. Did I leave you confused?

I was so confused about it initially, but over the years, I’ve learned that a mattress protector has played a vital role in protecting my price possession.

Human bodies have a gross nature of precipitating through the night. To save your mattress from the sweat and moisture, a mattress protector is everything you need and more. A mattress protector is that final protective line you require to sleep peacefully, which makes it worth the money you spend.

Frequent Cleaning

I reckon that cleaning a mattress is crucial, but the lifespan of your mattress depends on how and when you clean it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that regular cleaning of the mattress can remarkably contribute to its longevity. 

For anyone who fails to clean the mattress regularly, mildew and bacteria can eventually become a big problem. These harmful creatures can not just affect your health, but they can eat away the life of your mattress as well.

Besides, getting the mattress cleaned professionally every now and then can notably increase its life. I prefer professional cleaning for my mattress as it keeps the allergens at bay and makes the cleaning process effortless for me.

I take pride in taking care of my bedding. I believe that it is something that makes a massive difference in the quality of my life; hence, it would be wrong to suggest otherwise.

Also, choosing household items is undoubtedly not easy and maintaining them is even more complicated. All these pointers have been with me for so many years now, and I’m confident they'll be helpful for you as well!

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