How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress?

It may sound funny, but I have grown up washing my bed sheets, changing the covers, and rotating the mattress. Of course, my mother is a cleanliness freak.

Not over exaggerating, but my mother is exceptionally particular about her bedding. It is precisely the reason her bedding is always topnotch.

She often says that flipping and rotating the mattress can ensure it stays healthy for decades to come, which makes sense.

How? Everyone has a favorite side of the mattress that they use regularly. When you sleep on the same side of the mattress every day for years, it starts sagging. Well, it’s only fair.

Human beings aren’t weightless, and sleeping on the same side leaves a significant impression on the mattress.

Therefore, flipping the mattress and providing your favorite spot with the time to recover is essential. Or else, you may have to replace your mattress within less than no time.

Flipping and rotating your mattress periodically can help increase the life of your mattress. After all, there are several advantages of flipping your mattress, including:

  • Minimal chances of sagging
  • Constant comfort
  • Continued support
when do you need to rotate your mattress

Now that I’ve established why it is necessary to rotate your mattress, you must be thinking when to rotate it? Isn’t that correct?

It is generally recommended that you must rotate your mattress once every 6-12 months. However, you MUST consider the following points before deciding when you should rotate your mattress:

The usage of the mattress.

How many people are using it?

The weight of the individuals sleeping on it.

And, if the mattress can be used from both sides.

Did it leave you confused? Let me explain it to you in detail.

Consider the Usage of Your Mattress

A mattress that is used regularly would start sagging and lose its comfort relatively quickly as compared to the one that isn’t used much.

For example, the mattress in your bedroom that you sleep on regularly would lose its support in 3-4 years. Whereas, a mattress in your guest room that is used occasionally would remain new for years to come.

Hence, I would suggest you rotate the mattress in your bedroom once every six months. It is one way you can make it last longer.

On the other hand, your guest room mattress doesn’t require any such rotations. You can flip it over after a year or so.

Don’t Forget About the Number of Users!

If you sleep alone, you must have picked your favorite side of the bed. When sleeping on one side of the mattress every night and if it isn’t rotated twice a year, it may develop lumps and start sagging soon.

In case you sleep with your partner, I am certain you guys don’t share a similar weight. Besides, your sleeping positions would be different as well.

Thus, flipping the mattress every six months would help balance the wear on both the sides.

Take Care of the Weight

How much do you weigh? Sounds quite uncomfortable, no? You may not realize it, but your weight can significantly affect the life and condition of your mattress.

For heavier individuals, rotating the mattress frequently is something crucial. If you fail to maintain your mattress, you may need to change it sooner than you can imagine.

Besides, avoid jumping on your mattress. It is especially important for people with kids. Make sure your kids never take your beloved bed as a jumping jack. You can buy them a portable trampoline instead. What do you say?

Check If Your Mattress Is Double Sided

A double-sided mattress is the one that can be used from both the sides, front as well as the bottom.

It may surprise you, but a double-sided mattress can last longer than the traditional single-sided mattresses.

In case of having a double-sided mattress, be sure to flip it in every three months. It will ensure that both the sides of the mattress remain even.

You won’t have the option of flipping the mattress if it’s single-sided, but you can always rotate it. Rotation certainly makes a prominent difference.

What Kind of Mattresses Can Be Rotated?

what kind of mattresses can be rotated

The straightforward answer to your question would be that ‘any mattress can be rotated’. However, you should still follow the instruction card it brings along.

In case the manual of the mattress says otherwise, avoid rotating or flipping it. Although it isn’t a usual case.

I have a Zinus Memory Foam Mattress and I flip it once every six months. It has been two years and my mattress is still just like it came new. It’s magical, that is why I love telling everyone how rotating and flipping a mattress can make so much difference. 

So let me share with you a few types of mattresses that can be easily rotated and flipped.

  • An innerspring mattress
  • A latex foam mattress
  • A memory foam mattress
  • A hybrid mattress (a combination of two or more materials)

I won’t say that you can rotate every air mattress; however, if you have an air mattress with foam upholstery, it can be rotated as well.

Nonetheless, there are mattresses that must not be rotated as they only work well in one direction. Mattresses made for lumbar support are the best example of the ones that shouldn’t be flipped. It makes more sense now, isn’t it?

For the most part, all traditional mattresses can be rotated. Unless your mattress comes with a particular medical feature, it is good to be flipped or rotated.

Keeping this in mind, I am sure you now know when and why your mattress requires rotation. Yet, one thing that I’d like to add here is that it may be complicated for you to flip your mattress on your own.

Thereby, it would be great if you ask for a helping hand. You can ask a family member or a friend to help you rotate that big hefty mattress. After all, it’s good to make things easier rather than complicated.

Apart from that, take adequate measures to maintain your mattress’s life. It goes without saying that a mattress may not survive for long if not taken care of. Follow an appropriate mattress maintenance guide and keep your mattress clean and tidy while protecting it in general. Sleep well, guys!

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