How to Disinfect a Mattress?

According to research, an average human being spends about 1/3rd of his life asleep, lying on a mattress. It is something which got me thinking about how important a mattress is? No wonder it plays a crucial role in our lives. 

Ever thought about sleeping on a mattress that is unclean? 

A mattress that is infested with pests or merely dust mites? 

It is something quite uncomfortable to think about. Isn’t it?

You may think of cleaning your mattress as an everyday life task, but there are things that go beyond it. What are they really? 

Have you ever thought about sanitizing and disinfecting your mattress?

In this article, I’m going to address the very same issue. Yes, I’ll be talking about disinfecting the mattress. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? 

Well, it isn’t as difficult as you may think. Let’s get started.

disinfecting the mattress
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If you were to think about all the germs, bacteria, or dust particles that may be present on your mattress while you sleep, chances are you won’t be able to rest at all.

It is good if you wash your bed sheets and mattress encasement every now and then, or if you rotate your mattress frequently, still cleaning and disinfecting a mattress are two different things.

Here I have a few quick steps that can help you perfectly sanitize your mattress. 

Start by Vacuuming

Dust mites can make themselves home to your mattress, causing various health issues like asthma and allergies.

Needless to say, most people these days suffer from such issues. Hence, it is imperative to keep your mattress clean and tidy.

So the first and foremost thing would be to vacuum your mattress with a thin upholstery tool. Make sure to vacuum every side, front as well as bottom of the mattress.

I have a Dibea Bed Vacuum Cleaner and I’m exceptionally satisfied with the results it brings along. It comes with a handheld roller brush; hence, it is pretty easy to use and operate.

While vacuuming the mattress, I’ll suggest you to try and keep a firm hand while vacuuming as it will ensure all the dust particles are drawn out from the mattress surface.

Once done, use a crevice nozzle to clean the quilting and fabric stitches.

Oh, and did I tell you how much pests loathe heat? Set your vacuum cleaner on high temperature while vacuuming the mattress surface to kill any pests lurking nearby.

Wash the Bedding

You need to change your bedsheet, mattress cover and pillowcases at least once every week to keep the mattress neat and clean.

Your bedding absorbs all the bodily fluids, including perspiration; therefore, cleaning it thoroughly is crucial.

Start with stripping off the mattress cover and bed sheets and toss them over in the washing machine. Be sure to wash them with a mild fabric cleaner.

If you have a steam iron, it is another plus point. Steam iron can keep the bacteria and dust mites at bay while making your bedding clean and crisp. The more heat exposure your mattress has, the better it is to keep it sanitized.

If you’re thinking about getting a steam iron, check out PurSteam Iron Steamer. It is certainly the best one you can get. 

Take Care of the Stains

Adding more to how you can disinfect your mattress, let’s spare a few minutes for the stains.

All these little stains on your mattress can notably ruin its life. Thereby, you MUST purchase a good mattress stain remover. 

I have an OxiClean White Stain Remover, and honestly, it has made my life so much easier.

Using a stain remover is pretty easy. You don’t need to wash the entire mattress for it. Let me guide you on how you can do it.

Take a stain remover and spray it directly on the stained area. Let it sit for 30-40 minutes. It will help pop up the stain, making it easier for you to clean it.

After that, take a piece of cloth and dip it into warm water. Once done, wring the excess water and start brushing the area with soft hands.

Repeat the process as per your requirement.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Just make sure to clean all the stains regularly as they can become stubborn and hard to clean with time.

Consider Natural Cleaning Methods

My mother always tells me that sunlight is a natural disinfectant. Thus, it is a great idea to expose your mattress directly to the sun every once in a while. It is something that will naturally sanitize your mattress.

Let me share my personalized mattress disinfecting method with you!

I bring my mattress outside to sit in the sunlight every two months. Not just that, I vacuum the mattress outside while it soaks up the heat. It helps me get rid of allergens, dust mites, bacteria, dirt, and dead skin cells.

After that, I steam the mattress thoroughly and let it dry in the sun for a few hours. It is quite effortless, what do you think?

Switch to DIY Tricks

diy methods to remove blood stains

Once you’ve tried everything, what’s left? Is it time to change that mattress?

Well, that is how most people think but let me be clear, purchasing a new mattress can be hard on your pocket. So why not make a little extra effort to save the old mattress and enhance its life?

How can you do that? It isn’t hard. Have you tried the DIY mattress cleaning tricks?

There are several DIY methods that you can use to disinfect your mattress. Following are a few tried and tested DIY cleaning techniques:

Clean the Mattress with Vinegar

Whether it is about regular mattress cleaning or a mattress infestation, vinegar is your best friend. 

Vinegar comes with sanitizing properties; hence, it will help knock dust particulars and allergens off your mattress while leaving it fresh and pleasant.

Oh, wait. How to use vinegar?

It’s easier than you think! Let’s make a vinegar spray with three simple things.

  • An empty spray bottle.
  • Half a cup of vinegar.
  • A few drops of lavender essential oil.

Mix the vinegar with lavender essential oil and put the mixture in the empty spray bottle. Spray the vinegar solution directly to the mattress covering all the sides and corners. After that, let it sit for a few hours.

Repeat the process regularly if your mattress is infested with bed bugs, lice or any pests. Consider it a cost-effective remedy for pest infestation!

Try Baking Soda

Another DIY ingredient that you cannot forget when talking about mattress cleaning is baking soda. 

Popularly known for its smell absorbent properties, baking soda can help free your mattress from dirt, dust, allergens as well as any foul odors.

Here’s what you need to do. Take a pack of baking soda and sprinkle it all over your mattress. Let it sink in for a few minutes before vacuuming the area.

Yes, vacuuming the mattress would make sure it is deodorized. After all, who doesn’t love sleeping on a clean and good-smelling mattress?

A Safety Measure Guide

how to clean pee out of mattress

Your mattress can affect your everyday life, including the quality of your resting time. Therefore, taking precautionary measures to keep it sanitized wouldn’t be wrong.

Besides the disinfecting methods, what you need to do is get a mattress topper. A mattress topper can indeed protect your mattress from all kinds of allergens and germs.

I reckon that changing a mattress frequently isn’t possible, but you can often change the mattress topper. 


Purchasing a new mattress topper is significantly cheaper than buying a new mattress itself. So, you can change the mattress topper after a year or so in order to make sure your bed stays sanitized and infection-free.

In case you’re looking to purchase a new mattress topper, I’d recommend you to try Linenspa Gel Infused Mattress Topper. It is tried and tested so I know that you won’t be disappointed. 

Other than that, let the mattress breathe. Be sure to ventilate the room on a regular basis. Fresh air is relatively clean and beneficial for you and your mattress’s health. Thus, ventilating the room is a perfect idea.

Moreover, if the mattress is not in use, try and keep it uncovered. Again, it would provide the mattress with the time it needs to breathe.

In a nutshell, a clean and hygienic mattress is necessary for a peaceful sleep and top-notch health. 

I’m confident my mattress disinfecting tips and tricks can help you achieve the level of cleanliness you dream about.

Knowing that your mattress is all clean and tidy, you’ll definitely get a reasonable time of rest. After all, it is the last thing you need at the end of a long tiring day. Sleep well!

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