How to Keep Mattress Topper from Sliding?

I consider my mattress a winnable possession. I believe it plays a major role in my peaceful sleep routine.

How? Well, it provides me with a sound sleep all night and what happens the next day? 

I stay active and function well throughout the day.

I have a memory foam mattress and I absolutely love how it conforms to my body while providing me with the comfort I need. Yet, there’s one thing that I haven’t told you guys, it is about my mattress topper.

I cannot imagine my mattress without a mattress topper. It provides the right level of plushness and keeps my mattress safe and sound.

If you too want to achieve your ideal level of plushness, you need to get a mattress topper rather than purchasing a new mattress that can be hard on the pocket.

However, the only thing I’m concerned about is that mattress toppers often slide off and they don’t stay in the position they’re meant to, which can be irritating.

I know many people that complain about their mattress toppers sliding to the bottom or sides of the bed with a little movement. 

Are you sick and tired of the same issue? 

So, sit back and know everything you need to learn.

reasons why mattress toppers slide off

Before we dig deeper, let’s shed some light on why mattress toppers slide off in the first place.

I often wonder what makes a mattress topper travel around the bed?

Even though I have yet to find an appropriate answer. Here I have a few reasons why it could happen.

If your mattress is uneven

As the time passes, you age and so does your mattress. It eventually becomes uneven, developing dips and lumps.

Thus, in case of an uneven mattress surface, a mattress topper is more likely to slide off. Precisely, it mainly happens due to gravity.

If the size is improper

A lot of times, people neglect the basics when purchasing a mattress topper.

What are those basic things really?

You MUST purchase a mattress topper that goes with the size of your bed. If you choose to purchase a smaller or larger mattress topper, it is going to slip away. Isn’t it obvious?

If you’re an active sleeper

It goes for everyone, if you (or your partner) tend to move a lot at night, the impulses of the movement made can notably affect your mattress topper’s position, making it slip off.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t move around, but it is something that can cause the mattress topper to shift as well.

If your mattress is too sleek

I have a sleek mattress so I know the struggle and trust me, you don’t want to know about it.

Thus, be sure to choose a cover for your mattress that isn’t very smooth since it may not offer the grip your mattress topper needs.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a natural or synthetic mattress cover. At the end of the day, it comes down to the weaving; therefore, it would be safe to say that natural as well as synthetic mattress covers are both prone to it.

If your bed has no head or footboard

Although a lot of you may think of a bed with high head and footboard as old school, it has a number of benefits like keeping the mattress topper secured.

My mother still has a bed with a high footboard and I love how it gives a vintage look to her bedroom. Believe it or not, vintage never grows old!

Besides, it keeps the mattress topper at its place.

How to Resolve Your Sliding Mattress Topper Issue?

how to resolve your sliding mattress topper issue

So your most sought-after sleep is getting disturbed every night because of that slipping mattress topper?

As irritating as it can be, there are several ways you can fix this issue. So here I have a few helpful tips for you that can not just keep up with your frustrations but save the day in general.

A fitted bed sheet

One of the easiest ways to manage your slipping mattress is to use it with a fitted bed sheet.

If you’re not okay with using a bed sheet, you can go for a bed skirt instead. Bed skirts work efficiently in holding high mattresses as well as mattress toppers.

Nevertheless, it has its merits and demerits.

Let’s look at the pros first:

If your mattress comes with a cooling ability, a natural bed sheet would increase the effect while providing you with a refreshing time for rest.

It will help prevent stains.

In case of wrapping a mattress topper with a bed skirt or sheet, it will protect its warranty.

A few potential cons for this method would be:

It isn’t a permanent fix.

It would start sliding again in a few days as the sheet would only slow the process.

Get sheet straps/suspenders

Another effective way you can ensure your mattress topper stays secured is by using sheet straps or suspenders.

Sure, you can get the bed sheet that is properly fitted, even then like I said earlier, it is just a temporary solution. Over time, your mattress topper would start sliding again.

The sheet straps or suspenders would not just allow your bed sheet to stay in place the entire night, but they will also keep your mattress topper positioned correctly. They won’t give enough room to the mattress topper so it can move.

All you need to do is ensure that the sheet straps you get are tight enough. They will certainly keep your mattress topper in place despite the sleep position you prefer or regardless of how often you move around and toss over.

If you need my suggestion, I’d say RayTour bed sheet straps are the best in the market. 

Carpet or Velcro tape

If you appreciate DIY methods just like I do, here I have a fun tip for you. You can use Velcro tape to fix your mattress topper. 

Surprising, isn’t it?

Velcro tape offers perfect grip and it doesn’t easily loosen up, so why not put it to a good use?

Let’s see how it can help you out.

First of all, you’ll have to attach the loop side of the Velcro to your mattress, and the hook side to the mattress pad. Once done, you can stitch both the sides with a needle in order to fix it properly.

One thing you need to take care of is the sharper side must match the softer side of the mattress.

Strenco has the best adhesives, especially the Velcro tapes

In case you’re not able to find a Velcro tape, you can use a dual-sided carpet tape as an alternative.

Carpet tapes perform a similar function by not letting the carpet slip away; thereby, they can be used to hold your mattress topper as well.

Don’t forget about the safety pins

I have often seen a lot of old people use safety pins to keep their bedding secured. Now that I have read about it, I can say that they were right to do so.

It is one of the most inexpensive ways to keep your mattress topper stay in position. 

It isn’t a time-consuming method, which makes it the best bid. Contrary to how people feel, these mini safety pins cannot damage the mattress. Just make sure to use the safety pins the right way and your mattress topper won’t slip away, you have my word.

Wait… How to do that?

Alright. Let me guide you about it.

Be sure to use 5-6 safety pins for both sides, top, and bottom of the mattress, it would help distribute the weight evenly.

You can change the number of safety pins according to the size and shape of your mattress. For example, if your bed is bigger, it would be better to use at least 8-10 safety pins on each side. 

Also, make sure the safety pins are adequate in size as the smaller ones are not going to cut it.

Try a Duct tape

Duct tape is popularly known for holding everything together. Although it isn’t known for fixing such issues, it can still help you get the job done.

Let me explain how you can use duct tape in such a scenario. Tape the corner of your mattress topper with the mattress and cover it up with a fitted bed skirt.

Though I’ll suggest not going over the top with adhesives. I reckon that they’re simple to use, but you cannot neglect the fact that they can leave stains behind and that is not our goal.

I have tried Gorilla Tape earlier this year so I can say with experience that it works wonders. 


Too tired to try the DIY methods? 

Let’s stick to the classic ways and bring in a new footboard. You can add a footboard to your bed, and it can significantly help your mattress topper stay in position.

However, you need to ensure that the footboard is as tall as your headboard so that the mattress topper equally touches both sides and thus, remains still.

Apart from all the tips and tricks, make sure to research thoroughly before bringing a mattress topper home. Rest assured, everything I mentioned above would notably help in increasing the quality of your sleep.

If you know some tricks as well apart from the ones mentioned above to keep that mattress topper in place?

Feel free to share your thoughts with me!

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