How to Safely Move a Mattress – A Step-By-Step Guide

Moving a mattress around is something quite tricky to begin with. You'll know if you ever tried doing it.

Mattresses are floppy, hefty and not easy to move. Henceforth, moving it around is no less than a headache.

Are you moving out of your old place or just bringing in a new mattress?

Wondering how you'll manage to move that heavy mattress around?

Well, worry not guys! I'll be addressing the very same issue in this article.

The tips and tricks that I’m sharing with you will make moving your mattress easier and less of a pain. On the other hand, they will keep it clean and in one piece, of course, as it makes its way to your new place.

You may find it a bit complicated, but knowing how to do it the right way can help later down the road. So let's get started.

moving a mattress

A mattress is nothing less than a prized possession for me. I have a Zinus Memory Foam Mattress, queen-sized and quite heavy.

I still remember it was quite out of my budget when I purchased it. Thereby, I'm very particular about it.

I recently moved into a new apartment, and I can understand how big of a hassle it was.

While moving every household item was aside, moving my mattress has been a big issue for me. It is where my research began.

Thankfully, I found some useful tips that helped me along the way. I booked a large van to move my furniture, including my mattress, which I consider of exceptional practicality.

Nevertheless, if booking a van or truck isn't an option for you, you can still move around your hefty investment in a safe way.

How? Let's find it out!

Here are a few things that you'll need in order to survive the moving process.

A Mattress Bag

It goes without saying that you'd want your mattress to be clean and tidy after moving out. After all, your sleep is of utmost importance at the end of the day.

Thus, purchasing a mattress bag is essential when moving a mattress around.

Mattress bags are quite inexpensive; I purchased one for $10. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Try and get one made with heavy-duty plastic just so that it can ensure the safety of your mattress. 

Plus, it is useful for long-term storage as well, should the need arise.

I have a Cresnel Mattress Storage Bag and truth be told, it was the best decision I made.

Suitable Adhesives

Packing a mattress isn't a piece of cake. You'll require lots and lots of adhesives to keep your large mattress intact.

If you don't want to spend much on it, you can simply buy duct tape. I am confident it will save the day for you.

Start by tapping the corners of the mattress together so that it stays in place.

Once done, wrap up the tape all around it both horizontally and vertically to ensure maximum safety.

If you’re looking for a duct tape, you can try Duck Max Strength Duct Tape. It is the best when it comes to adhesives. 

Ratchet Straps

Another important thing would be ratchet straps. Trust me; you'll find them useful in every step of the way once you have them.

Especially if you're moving your mattress in your own car or a small pickup van, ratchet straps can come in handy.

Are you not good at tying the knots? Don't you worry, just pack that mattress and secure it using ratchet straps. They will make sure the mattress stays in position.

For anyone like my mother, who is a PRO in packing stuff and tying the knots, a poly rope can do the trick.

Yet, whether it's a poly rope or ratchet straps, you need them when moving a mattress or any other piece of furniture.

Adding to it, a set of ratchet straps won't cost you much. You can quickly get one between $10-30.

Think about purchasing a new mattress just because it got damaged in the process of moving? 

Sounds like a nightmare, am I correct?

So, investing a little on such things would only benefit you in the long run. I purchased Ratchet Tie Down Straps for $19.95, and I think they're worth the cost. 


It is one of the most handy tools out there, but sadly, it's often neglected by many.

Whether you're packing your mattress or unpacking it, a scissor is the first and last thing you'll need.

It can help you easily cut the ropes and tape that may be very difficult to open otherwise.

So get a new pair of scissors ASAP if you don't have one already. This little tool is going to help you every now and then at home even after you're done with shifting.

Last But Not Least, A Helping Hand

Shifting all your households to a new place is never easy. Having a helping hand is more beneficial than you think, trust me on this one.

Let's face it, can you pack everything on your own?

Can you fold down that large mattress all alone? It is very stressful to think about it, I know.

Even if your mattress is not that heavy, the unusual dimensions of folding it can make the task complicated for you. So grab a family member or a friend who can spare some time to help you with it.

If you'll have a helping hand, packing and moving the mattress would become simpler and less of a headache.

I remember when I shifted to my new place around three months ago, I relied upon my mother for everything. She helped me pack and unpack all my furniture safely.

I swear if she weren't there, I would have damaged my furniture and especially my beloved mattress.

Moving Your Mattress: A 6-Step Guide

how to move a mattress step by step guide

Now that I have established the things required to move a mattress, let's get the work done.

Create a Workspace

Packing the mattress and getting it ready for transit would be the first step here.

So, start by creating a workspace and be sure that you have plenty of room.

Alright. Now place your mattress against the wall and clear out the furniture in the room. The more space you have, the better you can fold your mattress.

Consider the Size of Your Mattress

What is the first thing that came into your mind after reading the heading above? 

I am certain you must be thinking that bigger mattresses would be harder to move. Fortunately, it isn't always the case.

For example, if you have a split king-sized mattress as well as a queen-sized mattress, moving the split king-sized mattress would be easier.

How? Let me explain.

Whether it is a king-sized mattress or a smaller one, you can split it in half and fold it down quickly. It is precisely why split mattresses are relatively easier to manage. 

On the other hand, moving a queen-sized non-splittable mattress would be difficult since it wouldn't be easy to fold it down. I am telling this with personal experience. It wasn't easy for me to move my queen-size memory foam mattress.

The biggest mistake I made was not measuring the size of my mattress. Thus, I'd recommend you to measure your mattress's size beforehand to avoid any unexpected surprises at the eleventh hour.

Pack Your Mattress Properly

As I mentioned earlier, a mattress bag is necessary to pack your mattress securely.

Unlike packing your mattress in a large piece of fabric, you don't have to tie it up with ropes.

Flatly place your mattress bag on the floor and slowly slide it over the mattress. You can even do it alone; it doesn't require rocket science.

Again, don't rely upon the thin and low-quality mattress bags. Make sure the mattress bag is made using heavy-duty, thick plastic.

Secure the Mattress with Adhesives

Boohoo, now that you're done packing the mattress, secure it with the help of a tape.

Make sure to tape the corners of your mattress so that it's sealed properly.

I run the tape around the mattress a few times to maximize the safety. I generally consider it a good practice.

It is the best way to ensure that your mattress is snug with the plastic bag while moving from one place to the other.

I would like to give you an additional tip here. Be sure to press the air out of the mattress bag while packing it. It would save your mattress from the air pockets and potential damage.

Choose an Appropriate Vehicle

choose an appropriate vehicle

Now comes the part that takes most of your attention, choosing the vehicle.

While selecting the vehicle, take the length and width of the mattress into account.

Don't try and fix it in a small car as it can increase the chances of wear and tear. Hence, be careful when choosing the vehicle.

It would be best if you can rent a truck. A bigger truck would ensure that each household item gets the required space and remains in one piece. 

There are several companies around the world that offer rental trucks. I have tried Budget Truck Rental and no wonder, I loved the experience. 

Secure the Mattress with Ratchet Straps

Once you've loaded your beloved mattress into a van or truck, the final step would be to secure it using the ratchet straps.

I am sure you wouldn't want your mattress to move around in the vehicle as it can significantly cause damage to it.

So, place the mattress flatly in the vehicle and attach the ratchet straps with it so that it stays in position.

Please ensure that the ratchet straps match the length and width of the mattress to avoid any distortion later.

Are you done with all the steps? Viola, your mattress is good to go!

It may seem like a complicated method if it's your first time, but to tell you the truth, it doesn't take a lot of effort to move a mattress. Just be careful with the packing and go for a larger vehicle, that's it. Enjoy the last day in your old home, and cherish the memories for life.

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