How to Tell if Your Mattress is Causing Back Pain?

Backache is one of the most common illnesses these days, and as of now, it has become the biggest reason behind disabilities in the world.

It is a scientific fact that everyone goes through backache at least once in their lives.

A year back, I had to go through the worst backache, and I still remember all those energy-less days and sleepless nights. I took several precautions, including painkillers, body massage, heat therapies and more.

After going through so much, I finally got to know the real cause behind my nightmare; it was my old, saggy mattress. Shocking, isn’t it?

Though I couldn’t point it out for several months, my chiropractor finally diagnosed the root of my problem.


It was my mattress that was all lumpy and saggy. Maybe because I couldn’t take care of it, or perhaps it wasn’t of high quality.

It was there and then, I decided to get rid of my old mattress, and I brought a new one at home. 

I was quite particular with everything this time around, especially after my health concerns.

You may be surprised to know that, but a saggy and lumpy mattress can contribute a lot to your health and that too, negatively.

If you’re going through the following health issues, it’s about time you should consider replacing that old mattress:

Muscle spasms


Joint stiffness


Constant fatigue

Restlessness, especially at night


Lack of sleep due to a mattress can significantly cause all these health problems. Besides, it can affect your posture in the worst possible way.

Saggy and lumpy mattress doesn’t provide proper alignment to the spine; whereby, it disturbs your body and health in general.

memory foam mattress

Backache has a number of causes; thus, pinpointing the real reason is complicated. 

Nonetheless, all these common symptoms I have shared above indicate towards your mattress being the culprit behind that excruciating backache.

Apart from symptoms, consider the timings. If your back hurts right after waking up in the morning, it is primarily because of the mattress.

Other than that, if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, again and again, tossing and changing sides, then consider it another warning sign that your mattress is almost dying.

As per the experts’ advice, a mattress should be replaced within 8-10 years.

Picking the Right Mattress for Backache

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When it comes to backache, choosing the right mattress becomes even harder. It goes without saying that not every mattress responds well to the backache and related issues.

Generally, I wouldn’t call any brand or type better than the other.

At the end of the day, it depends on what you need and how you feel comfortable; hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that purchasing a mattress greatly relies upon your personal preference.

So while choosing a health-friendly mattress, there are several properties that it needs to have.

In order to select and analyse the right mattress easily, here I have explained a few things I’ve learnt over the years.

The mattress needs to be a little firm. The ones that are too plush fail to provide the necessary support to your spine while contributing to backache and spinal disabilities. Same goes for the one that is too firm!

It must conform with your entire body and provide you with perfect spinal alignment.

I remember reading a study by UCLA Medical Centre, where they introduced a ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for the mattress.

As mentioned in the survey, any mattress that doesn’t fall into the criteria of the Goldilocks zone can ultimately become the cause of chronic body aches.

Here comes the approach of ‘better be safe than sorry,’ so please look out while purchasing a mattress, or else later down the road, it can become your biggest nightmare.

These days, a wide variety of mattresses is available in the markets, and it is something that I find overwhelming.

While I was looking for a new mattress a few months back, the vast range of options in the market left me confused.

Nevertheless, there are many things that I learnt from my personal experience.

Below I have listed a few points that may help you in choosing the right mattress and keeping the backache at bay.

Check Out its Physical Properties

why mattresses are so expensive

The layers of foam, as well as the coil system of the mattress, is what determines its support. 

Each mattress has more or less similar composition; yet, the number of coils and foam layers may vary.

Even the additional padding on top of a mattress comes in numerous levels of thickness.

Generally, the depth of the bed ranges between 8 to 18 inches.

In selecting the depth of the mattress, the number of coils and the kind of padding depends on your requirement and personal liking; they are vital components that need to be carefully analysed.

Ensure it Provides Back Support

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One prominent quality of a high-quality mattress is that it provides the much-needed back support.

Your mattress must conform with the curves of your body to ensure perfect alignment to your spine.

A mattress providing adequate back support can prevent you from health issues like backache and joint stiffness.

Although it is a topic not studied by many, recent research stated that a mattress with a medium firmness level provides better relief from backache as well as sore muscles.

Due to all these reasons, I am very particular about the fact that my mattress must provide me with the required back support I need to sleep peacefully.

Make Your Comfort a Priority

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Whenever choosing anything, a mattress, couch or merely a pillow, comfort remains my utmost priority. I believe it is the same for everyone.

As important as back support is, it is equally crucial if you feel comfortable while sleeping. 

Sleeping on a plush mattress can eventually increase backache and spinal issues, and the same goes for the mattress that is too firm.

If your mattress is hard to sleep on, it can increase your body aches, let alone eliminate them.

Therefore, a bed that is a combination of firmness and plushness is the right fit for anyone going through backache.

A mattress with medium firmness allows your hip and shoulder bones to sink in, but very slightly, which keeps the spine in the right position.

Though my mother prefers her mattress to be a little firmer, so she has got one with additional layers of foam for better comfort.

Listen to the Voices in Your Head

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Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preference and liking.

I cannot determine a single mattress type or brand that works well for everyone with body aches, especially backache.

A mattress that provides you with the support you need and makes you sleep peacefully is indeed the perfect one for you.

If you have health concerns like backache or joint stiffness, choose a mattress that fulfils your standards of support as well as comfort.

Know When it's Time to Get a New One

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Please do not repeat the mistakes I made.

I knew that my mattress was old and saggy, but I liked it so much that I wasn’t ready to accept that my mattress was actually the real cause behind my increasing backache.

If you’re aware of the fact that your mattress has started sagging and it has developed dips, consider replacing it right away.

As a matter of fact, risking your health is undoubtedly a stupidity, and it shouldn’t be rewarded.

So, when you know that your beloved mattress is no longer able to provide you with the required comfort and support, please consider getting a new one.

I know a friend who has put wooden slides under her mattress just to delay the sagging, and I am confident many of you would be doing that as well.

Even though I did it at one point, but to tell you the truth, it is only a temporary fix, and you’ll still require a new one. So, why play with your health?

Experts advise to sleep for at least six hours in order to make the liver function actively, and if you’re unable to sleep comfortably, whose fault is it?

Your mattress may have served you well for years, but once you know you have body aches because of the mattress, it is a safe choice to get a new one.

Remember that your health comes first; thus, it isn’t selfish to put your health requirements above it all and invest a little on it.

Could you give it a thought?

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