Memory Foam Mattress VS. Latex Mattress. Which One is best?

Foam-based mattresses are all the rage these days, and there are a number of options available in the market. Memory foam vs. Latex mattress, and what more?

While I was looking for a mattress for my own room, these are the two options that I had in my mind. I was always in a contemplating stage because I couldn’t choose between the two. Both of them have their own merits and demerits, but of course, their benefits are amazing, which makes choosing one even harder.

Needless to say, memory foam and latex foam mattress are two of the most famous names in the world of mattresses. While I think about comfort the most, it is something that remains the first priority for everyone.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to read the entire post, you can simply skim through the table below to quickly analyze some prominent differences:

No. of PropertiesMemory Foam MattressLatex Foam Mattress
For Couples
For Older Adults
For Sound Sleepers
An Organic Choice
Backache Remedy
Sensitive Skin Remedy
Joint Stiffness Remedy
Better Conformity
memory foam mattress

I have a memory foam mattress that I currently use, and I must say, I am proud of the choice I made. It has become my solace from last two years, and I sleep like a baby.

Memory foam mattresses are human-made, and they’re manufactured using polyurethane as well as other materials with elasticity. It is precisely the reason when you apply pressure on a memory foam mattress; the mattress conforms to the body in return.

Even though there are various kinds of memory foam used in the construction of the particular mattress; therefore, how each memory foam mattress responds to pressure varies. But it is generally said that it responds well to pressure and doesn’t change its shape or plushness.

There are several firmness levels available for memory foam bedding, but one thing that remains similar in all is the use of polyurethane.

Something to remember here is that not all mattresses made with polyurethane are memory foam mattresses.

Latex Foam Mattress

latex foam mattress

On the other side of the pole, you have a latex foam mattress. While I was considering to purchase a mattress for my use, I studied well about the latex foam mattress, and I have finally come to terms with the fact that a latex foam mattress is the most durable and totally worth the money.

Latex foam mattress conforms really well to the body and has a hugging nature. It usually has better elasticity as compared to a memory foam mattress.

I still remember the bounce of the latex foam mattress while trying it out. It was so comfy that I couldn’t get over it.

Latex foam mattresses are made using natural materials with very less content of blended and synthetic fibres.

Difference Between Memory Foam & Latex Foam Mattresses

Memory foam, as well as latex foam mattresses, are both equally comfortable; yet, there are a few significant differences that I found while I purchased my mattress.

Ability to Isolate Motion

One prominent difference between the memory foam and latex foam mattress is their ability of motion transfer. A memory foam mattress is quite good at isolating the motion.

Let’s take an example of two people sleeping together, if you’re sleeping with your partner and you have a habit of frequently moving around while asleep, your partner would feel little to no movement. It is primarily why memory foam mattress is the first choice of all the couples.

On the other hand, the latex foam mattress is exceptionally bouncy, and because of that, if you move around or quickly change sides, your partner would get a clear idea about something moving. Latex foam mattresses bring along a quick response time.


Another property that significantly differentiates between the two is their conformity. Like I told you I have a memory foam mattress and I love how it amazingly conforms with my body. A memory foam mattress conforms perfectly with the definite shape of your body.

Nevertheless, a latex foam mattress due to its bouncy nature wouldn’t conform as incredibly as a memory foam mattress does. However, at the end of the day, it depends on your requirements and how you want your mattress to be.

Keeping the differences aside, there are several properties that both the mattresses share.

  • Both of these mattresses will provide much-needed support to your posture.
  • They come with an ability to relieve pressure on your joints, neck, and spine. Therefore, they’re highly recommended by experts for people having constant body aches.

Picking the Memory Foam Mattress

picking the memory foam mattress

I still remember when I chose a memory foam mattress, there were numerous keys I had in my mind. Here I have listed all those properties that make memory foam mattresses a great buying choice.

If you’re a side sleeper

While sleeping on your side, you need to make sure your spine remains in a perfect position, so that neck stiffness doesn’t come around near you. A memory foam mattress would provide you with the support you need and relieve the pressure on your neck.

Apart from that, they support the hip joint, which is another concern for side sleepers. While I sleep on my side, my shoulder and hip bones are pressed in the mattress that can, of course, get me in trouble if I don’t have the support of my memory foam mattress.

If you’re a back sleeper

If you like sleeping on your back, the memory foam mattress is indeed an option you should go for. It goes without saying that memory foam mattresses provide a perfect alignment for neck and spine; although back sleepers don’t realise it, their neck and spine are constantly under pressure while they sleep on their back.

The memory foam mattress conforms well with your body’s shape, and it keeps the spine and neck in a comfortable position the entire night.

If you sleep with your partner

There is no surprise in the fact that each one of us loves to sleep on a mattress that conforms to the exact shape of the body. And, who likes to get disturbed in the middle of the night merely because of some movement made by their partner sleeping next to them?

I am not a very sound sleeper as I get disturbed with a barely audible noise and even a slight movement. A memory foam mattress is a solution to all such problems. It contours to my partner and me individually like we prefer, and whenever he moves, it doesn’t allow me to feel it, so I sleep all night peacefully.

Picking the Latex Foam Mattress

latex foam mattress

I know a lot of people that are in love with the latex foam mattress, including my mother. So, let me shed some light on why picking the latex foam mattress is a superb option in itself.

If you prefer a firm surface

A latex foam mattress comes with many options when it comes to the firmness of the bedding. 

You can choose the level of firmness as per your requirements and liking. Nonetheless, latex foam mattresses are famous for being firmer than other traditional mattresses.

My mother has a constant issue of backache; hence, her physician recommended her to sleep on a hard surface, a firm mattress. She has been using a latex foam mattress for seven years now, and guess what? She’s all satisfied and happy.

Oh, and the backache? It vanished!

Latex foam mattresses provide you with various options. Most of them come with an additional layer that makes the bed softer while retaining its firmness.

In order to ensure what you’re getting yourself into, make sure to check the layers of the mattress thoroughly.

If you’re concerned about the environment

Though I don’t give much thought to it, thinking of the environment is certainly a very appreciable thing to do. My mother is exceptionally particular about the environment; thus, she tends to buy environment-friendly households.

The latex foam mattress is made using natural fibres and the materials used in the construction of a latex foam mattress come directly from rubber trees.

Though not all the latex foam mattresses are made using natural materials, most of them are purely natural. They’re usually not a mixture of questionable chemicals, unlike many traditional mattresses.

Overall, memory foam mattress, as well as latex foam mattress both, are indeed the best options on the block. For the better part of it, they won’t let your money go into waste, and later down the road, you’ll be proud of the choice you made.

I am more than happy with my memory foam mattress and to tell you the truth; my parents are equally delighted with their latex foam mattress. It doesn’t matter what you choose, memory foam or latex foam mattress, I am confident you won’t regret it.

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