What Type of Mattresses do High-End Hotels Use?

Are you in search of a new; yet, a profoundly supportive mattress to rid you of your chronic back pains or distorting sleep? 

Well if you take your sleep as seriously as I do, then boy, have you come to the right place. 

The mattress industry, due to its continuous demand is ever-growing, with a vast number of varying types of mattresses available for prospective buyers to choose among. 

Gel, Memory Foam, Hybrid, Innerspring and even waterbeds are among the most common. 

According to statistical research conducted, the most popular among the masses was the ‘Memory Foam’ and still has established its top positioning within the hearts of users. 

My love for sleep is what has turned me into an expert in the world of mattresses, and a comfortable bed is my ultimate forte. 

In my years of experience, the most effectively relaxing mattresses are those found in none other than luxury hotels. 

high end hotels

Ever wondered why you sleep like a peaceful toddler when staying at a posh 5-star luxury hotel? 

I am sure the thought may have occurred or crossed your mind at some point in life, and believe me, you are not the only one pondering over the kind of mattresses these posh hotels utilize so that you can grab one for yourself or your partner. 

Whether you may be staying in Avari, The Doubletree Inn, The Hilton or even the Peninsula Hotel, the one thing all the 5-star hotels have in common when it comes to their mattresses are, well, the sheer luxury they have to offer. 

In any 5-star hotel, regardless of the location, delivery of a comfortable sleep experience is what is given utmost priority.

Hotels; therefore, spend thousands of dollars in purchasing the most relaxing, and the most upgraded cushioning technology to deliver optimal sleep. 

This post below, following extensive research is what will give you a deep insight into the kind of beds used by 5-star hotels. 

So keep on reading carefully if you wish to get your hands on the best of the best mattresses within the market sphere and enjoy your sleep at home, just as good as the one you had during your work-retreat or even your honeymoon to luxuriously posh hotels. 

Let’s get straight to work, shall we!

hilton hotel
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The Hilton hotel sleep experience is like no other and features the most optimally comforting beds. 


Well, primarily because they categorize luxurious mattresses to be the epitome of what a tired traveller is seeking while residing within their hotel services.

Alongside, because the type of bed utilized, is custom made to serve optimal comfort. 

If you think a custom-made mattress line sound fancy, wait till you find out that the type of mattresses utilized by Hilton Hotels not only has a specialized name but also an entire website dedicated to them. 

The name you may ask, well it is the ‘Serenity Bed’ which helps you achieve that optimally relaxing, peaceful toddler-like sleep when visiting the Hilton Hotels. 

As the name suggests, the Serenity Bed set is custom manufactured, to place their guests and their VIP sleepers in an ideal night’s sleep. 

The Serenity Bed set in particular has integrated inside additional spring merged with an extra flexible steel coil support. 

The purpose of the coil is to prevent the overall mattress from being subject to interior wear and tear; which may otherwise be a result of continuous utilization. 

Sleepers blood circulation is stimulated with the help of an improved, more padded quilting of the bed.

Furthermore, the mattress plays an integral role with the reduction of restlessness, that may be caused due to friction between the body and the mattress surface as per the official website

DoubleTree Hotel Inn

luxury hotel mattresses
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DoubleTree Hotel Inn, another one of Hilton’s subsidiaries offers nothing less than luxury when it comes to sleeping arrangements. 

Being owned by Hilton, the DoubleTree Hotel Inn continues the precedent of delivering its VIP guests with optimal comfort and relax with the help of customized signature beds strategically designed to give maximum comfort. 

Being fully customized comes with the perk of naming the bed, which in this case is the ‘Sweet Dreams Bed’.

Self-explanatory in nature, who would not want a good night’s sleep which offers nothing less than sweet dreams, right?!

The Sweet Dreams bed set, in particular, is designed as such to minimize movement. 

The foundation of the mattress; therefore, ensures that sleepers no longer have to fret about slipping left and right. 

In most cases, springs or coils integrated inside may be too weak to sustain constantly stationary weight; thus paving way for involuntary body movements. 

For optimizing user security and convenience, the Sweet Dreams Bed was manufactured as such to have a flame-resistant exterior.

A flame-resistant frame goes a long way to reduce the chances of the bed from burning down as a result of forgetfulness or even sheer negligence. 

The Fairmont Hotel

five star hotel mattresses
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Fairmont Hotels are a well-established name within the American industry of luxury hotels.

However, it was not up until their holistic redesigning back in 2016 which gave them a new look and feel, particularly concerning their beds. 

The bed redo included a profoundly comforting, mattress which I would give 5-star to, no doubt. 

The mattress itself has a memory foam foundation, featuring a flexible core support system for a therapeutic experience to users. 

Furthermore, the core support also serves as a cooling technology for those really hot summery, sweaty days. 

For a specially customized experience, the VIP and VVIP guests of Fairmont Hotel are entitled to the luxury suite Fairmont Gold Bed. 

The Luxury Suite Fairmont Gold goes beyond the previously listed component of  regular fairmont set and additionally has a spring-based memory foam foundation. 

A good night’s sleep now featuring both comfort as well as style can be attained at the Fairmont Hotel luxury suites. 

The Four Seasons Hotel

luxury mattress in high end hotels
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Long into being the top contenders within the list of 5-star hotels, the Four Seasons Hotel is no exception to delivering sheer luxury. 

The Four Seasons hotel gives each of its guests a fully customized experience by allowing them to choose from three different levels of spring firmness, depending upon their personal preference and requirement.

Alongside mattress firmness, each guest is also given the ability to control along with regulating the mattress temperature for a thoroughly rich sleep experience per their liking. 

Gel-touch, relatively new technology within the industry of mattresses, aids with making sleepers feel refreshed following a revitalizing sleep experience. 

Although the Four Seasons Hotel mattress features no personalized name of its own, it still is among the topmost comforting luxury hotel beds across the globe, without any second doubts. 

The Peninsula Hotel

high end luxury hotels
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Featuring among the most elegant, yet classically posh hotel experience, The Peninsula Hotel is a frequent destination for couples looking for a luxurious experience. 

The mattresses are customized and specially manufactured for each of their hotels, depending upon the location along with the overall vibe they wish to deliver. 

A differently customized bed at each hotel branch?! That sounds like the ultimately lavish sleep we all have been missing out on!

The Peninsula Beverly Hills bedding, have an exterior featuring a sheer aggregate of three, fully cushioned, plush quilting via the high-quality soft fabric utilized. 

A replaceable top with Evernu Fabric optimizes hygiene to allow for easy washing along with de-infestation. 

My best suggestion for trying out the Peninsula’s Hotel best mattresses is taking that long-due annual leave of yours straight to your nearest Peninsula Hotel Resort. 

The Marriott Hotel

marriott hotel mattress
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Known globally, the Marriott Hotel ensures all components of their hotel scream out nothing except comfort, luxury and relaxation. 

Their customized form of bedding, true to their brand maintains the same 5-star standards as the rest of their services. 

Known as the Marriott Bed, the mattress itself has a Memory Foam foundation which delivers sheer softness and flexibility. 

At the very same time, the Marriott Bed prevents sleepers from feeling as though they are sinking inside the bedding itself; a sensation, which by experience, I can tell you can seem like a nightmare. 

Although I chose to review only 6 of the Luxurious 5-star hotels beddings, but each extensively delivered sheer relaxation alongside gave me a good night’s sleep.

Just for the heck of a good-night’s sleep and experience I would suggest you go try out at least 2-3 of the hotel mattresses reviewed above if not all of them.

Whether it is good or bad, be sure to tell me all about your experiences with hot bedding. 


Till next time, may you all enjoy a good night’s sleep with the right mattress for you!

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