What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

Imagine yourself sleeping on a cloud? Something way too soft? Way too fluffy?

Well, a pillow top mattress has a cloud-like texture. It is primarily the reason you’ll see most of the luxury hotels using pillow top mattresses.

Why? Because a pillow top mattress is a symbol of extravagance.

Are you still wondering what makes a pillow top mattress so luxurious?

What am I in awe of a pillow top mattress?

Alright. In this article today, we’ll talk about everything you want to know about a pillow top mattress.

I’m certain you’ll agree with me at some point about how amazing of an invention it is. So let’s dive into the details.

pillow top mattress

A pillow top mattress is a combination of foam and coil system. In simple words, the inner side of a pillow top mattress is made using innerspring; whereas, the upper side is constructed using layers of foam.

Besides that, it comes with an extra upper layer of foam (usually memory foam) for additional plush.

I’m sure by now you know why a pillow top mattress is compared with a cloud?

The layers of foam and coil system, when combined, make the pillow top mattress softest of them all. It is precisely why a pillow top mattress is known as a pinnacle of extravagance.

The upper layer of foam in a pillow top mattress is usually stitched so that it stays in place, and the user gets the required comfort.

The height of a pillow top mattress is somewhere between 30-35 cm. Quite thick, what do you say? 

These beds are made with love and care. Therefore, they’re preferred by anyone who fancies luxury.

Parts of a Pillow Top Mattress

parts of a pillow top mattress

A pillow top mattress is quite simple in its making. There is not much to know about its construction. It comes with two parts that prominently cover it.

Let me brief the two sections of a pillow top mattress that make a difference.

The Pillow Top Part

It is an additional part of your mattress’s support system, usually found on the upper side.

A layer of foam is used to make the pillow top part of your mattress. The material may vary according to the brand. It can be polyester, latex foam, or memory foam. You’ll have to confirm it from the retailer if you’re interested in buying.

The Support Part

You know that a pillow top mattress is two-tiered? Right?

The support part is found on top of the mattress as it supports both the tiers of the mattress. The support part adjusts the additional layers of foam on top of it to provide you with the required comfort.

Make no mistake; a pillow top mattress is one-sided, so the support section is only found on the front side.

The making of the support section varies from brand to brand. It could be either coils or any type of foam.

The Life of Your Pillow Top Mattress!

life of your pillow top mattress

According to the Better Sleep Council, you MUST replace your mattress once after 8-10 years. An average mattress can last up to 15 years if properly taken care of.

However, the sad part of the story is that a few kinds may have a relatively short life span, including pillow top mattresses.

That’s right, guys! A pillow top mattress can last up to eight years but not more than that.

As I mentioned earlier, a pillow top mattress features an additional layer of foam that is attached to the top.

The additional layer of the mattress is primarily the reason your pillow top mattress requires specialized care. In case of the upper foam breaking down, you may not be able to continue using it.

Nonetheless, you can extend the life of your pillow top mattress by taking specific precautionary measures. For example:

Vacuum the mattress periodically.

Keep it clean and away from pests like bed bugs, dust mites, etc.

Avoid sticking to one side of the mattress.

No jumping on the mattress (in case you sleep with your child).

Rotate the mattress after every 3-6 months.

Apart from these things, pay close attention to the mattress top. The life of the pillow top mattress greatly relies upon its upper section that is more exposed to the user. Therefore, monitor the foam every now and then to ensure its longevity.

Okay, enough with its life span. Let me give you a few wonderful suggestions if you’re up for purchasing a pillow top mattress.

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A lot of options? Well, all the ones I have shared with you are tried and tested.

Many of my friends are pillow top mattress lovers. Thus, I’m confident these mattresses would make your days, months, and years.

Pillow Top Mattress: Is it Worth Purchasing?

pillow top mattress

Regardless of its amazing construction and properties, one question that remains in the minds of prospective buyers is if it’s worth the money?

Well, there are a number of reasons why I would suggest you go for a pillow top mattress, including: 

  • Additional layers of padding ensure maximum comfort.
  • It conforms well to your body.
  • It distributes your weight evenly.
  • It doesn’t retain heat. Thereby, it’s great for warmer climates.
  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • It is a symbol of luxury.

I’m a sucker for luxurious items; hence, I would say there is no better way to feel the extravagance while you’re asleep other than using a pillow top mattress.

Wrapping it up, do you like pillow top mattresses a bit more now? Haha, a pillow top mattress is loved by everyone out there, which is fair.

Considering the luxury and comfort it brings along, I couldn’t find a better alternative. Just make sure to take care of it, and you’ll be good to go for years to come. Sleep well, friends!

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