What To Do With Old Mattresses?

A high-quality mattress can change your world. Yes, you heard that right!

But, what happens to the old mattress when you purchase a new mattress?

Before I purchased my memory foam mattress, I had an innerspring mattress. I used it for 7-8 years, and it was terrific.

Yet regardless of its incredible coil system and making, it had to see its last sleep.

No matter how durable your mattress is, or how much you take care of it, the life of your beloved mattress would come to an end one day.

I have a similar story.

My innerspring mattress ultimately lost its bouncy coils, the cover became thin, and I finally came to terms that it was the end of its life.

While purchasing a new mattress two years ago, I was continually thinking about disposing of my old one, amid the other things I had to decide about the new one.

Thankfully, I have found many ways to dispose of the old mattresses, and it isn’t as complicated as I used to think.

ways to dispose of the old mattresses

After a lot of research and various methods that I tried, I finally found a few safe ways to get rid of my old mattress.

Consider a Government Resource

A number of municipal committees have certain procedures that you must follow if you want to dispose of your old mattress.

Oftentimes, it requires you to follow a specific manner of disposal, for instance, packing up the mattress in a particular type of box/bag accompanied by a fee.

The procedure of disposing of a mattress is different in all cities and areas.

Hence, it is wise to check with your local government authority for the process in your region.

In states like Rhode Island, California, and Connecticut, EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) laws are followed.

EPR law helps reduce the burden on the local street workers and controls the number of consumers that disobey the rules and dump their old household items on the street by making the manufacturing companies responsible.

The EPR law facilitates the recycling of old mattresses. How? Let’s find out!

It makes you pay an upfront fee while purchasing a new mattress, which helps in the mattress disposal as well as funds the public collection.

If you’re not up for anything complicated, you always have the option to get in touch with a private company.

With a pocket-friendly fee, they’ll pick up your used mattress and dispose it off in a hassle-free manner.

Mattress Recycling

Here comes the option that is not just good for your pocket, but for your city and the overall environment as well.

Most of the people don’t think of it as a recyclable material; whereas, every component of your mattress is recyclable.

Although most municipalities don’t offer the recycling of old mattresses, there are several private firms as well as non-profit organisations like BARC (Bay Area Recycling for Charities) that will take your old mattress and recycle it with no additional charges.

I gave my old mattress for recycling, and I still feel happy about it. All you need to do is call a mattress recycling company nearby, and set up a time. They will pick up your old mattress and take it to their recycling firm.

After that, they’ll break down the useful parts of the mattress like metal, cotton fibre, and polyurethane foam to be reused for other items.

Mattress Donation

Another equally friendly option is to donate your old mattress. After all, there’s nothing better than helping those who can’t help you back.

So why not put your mattress to good use and donate it to someone who needs it?

You just have to look around, and you’ll find an increasing number of charities and non-profit government organisations that will take away your mattress and give it to someone needy. 

Simply ask people around or check it on the web, and you’ll find a convenient charitable company to donate your mattress. 

Salvation Army and HFHI (Habitat for Humanity International) are two famous companies worldwide if you plan on donating your old mattress. 

My mother always taught me to pay back to society. So, let’s make a little effort towards making a difference in the world!

That being said, there are a number of things you need to take care of before trying to donate your mattress. It needs to be in a usable condition.

Luckily, most of the donation centres have simple standards. 

Following are a few issues that you ought to look for if you want a donation centre to accept your mattress:

Visible damage or rips

First and foremost, you must make sure your mattress doesn’t have any visible damage of any sort, be it rips or holes.

Most donation centres won’t accept the mattress with visible damage.

Why? Because they mostly sell the bed as it is, so they won’t take the risk if it isn’t in a sellable condition.

Saggy surface

Who likes sleeping on a saggy or lumpy mattress? Do you? 

It is something quite uncomfortable, to be honest.

Therefore, if you’re looking to donate a mattress, you must ensure that it isn’t sagging from the middle or edges. 

It may appear simple, but there’s a lot more to it.

Donation companies won’t accept your saggy mattress.

A mattress starts sagging when its foam is entirely compressed, or the coil system is rusted due to anything, bed bugs or dust mites.

Such mattresses are only good for recyclable purposes.

Apart from that, donation centers often sell stuff to make money, so in case of a saggy mattress, they won’t be able to sell it.

Again, there’s a high risk that they would refuse to accept your donation.


It is something that may seem quite insignificant, yet it can make a significant difference when you plan to resell or donate your mattress.

A mattress with lots of stains clearly indicates that it isn’t hygienic so that it might affect the new user negatively.

Besides, all these accidental spills that we ignore can notably compress the foam of the mattress.

A mattress with compressed foam is practically not suitable for use; thus, a donation center can refuse to accept it.

Junk Removal

junk removal

They say there’s a solution to every problem and I believe it’s true. 

If you can’t find a suitable recycling company or a convenient donation centre, then the safest option would be to approach a junk removal service. 

Junk King is one reliable option that you may want to consider. It provides eco-friendly junk removal services and guess what? It’s just one call away. 

A lot of junk removing companies out there would eventually put your mattress for recycling, so there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about.

You’re still contributing towards making the environment better. 

It won’t go to a landfill, and it certainly won’t have any negative effects on the environment.


So you’re buying a new mattress as well?

How about reselling the old one? It sounds pretty exciting. Isn’t it?

Though it may seem unrealistic to some people, you can actually resell your old mattress.

Simply check and analyse if your bed is in a good state and put it on an online thrift shop accordingly.

It wouldn’t bring you lots of money, but it is still a practical way to dispose of that old lumpy mattress.

Adding to it, it is going to be hassle-free.

The buyer will take the mattress from your place without getting you in any kind of trouble. Isn’t it convenient?

Creativity Corner

creativity corner

Creativity is always appreciated, no matter what you do. So why not be a little creative with disposing of that used mattress?

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a lot of innovative ways to use an old mattress. Let me share some with you, and you can thank me later.

Reuse it for your children’s room

When designing a nursery or play area for your children, their safety is your top priority. Isn’t it true?

You may be surprised, but your old mattress can be the protective sheet you want to provide your children with.

For example, while setting up a play area in the middle of the room, use your old mattress instead of that thin rug.

It will protect your children from several potential injuries while they play.

Just make sure to get it cleaned now and then in order to ensure proper hygiene.

Compost it

You didn’t find a suitable recycling firm? Did you?

Let’s recycle the mattress ourselves and go green!

Your mattress can help you with preparing compost.

Shocking? Isn’t it?

Well, it is indeed the truth.

The wooden frame, metal coils, and the stuffing can all be used to make compost for your garden. 

Apart from that, the stuffing of your mattress can also be used as landscape fabric to keep weeds at bay.

Use it for your pet

Human beings are not the only organisms that can benefit from a mattress.

Generally, we don’t purchase new bedding for our pets even though we love keeping them.

You can use your old mattress to make a new bed for your pet.

Just get your mattress thoroughly cleaned and customized according to the size of your pet’s bed.

Your pet is undoubtedly going to love it.

In case you don’t have a pet, you can donate your old mattress to an animal shelter organisation. 

After all, humanity isn’t just for humans; it goes beyond that.

Summing up the article, I hope by now you know that there are numerous ways to dispose of a mattress for good.

It isn’t complicated or anything to panic about, just say a warm goodbye to your old mattress when bringing in a new one.


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