Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

The core subject of discussion within this post of mine today is Mattresses. To think of it, what would our lives be without mattresses? Sleep-deprived, uncomfortable, frustrated due to lack of sleep?

Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg when I think of what our lives would be if Mattresses were not introduced into the world. 

What is a Mattress? Well, I do not think I need to waste any time on that. The first and foremost question; however, which I get to hear significantly by prospective buyers within the industry is ''Why are Mattresses so Expensive''.

A complex question to answer, but let's begin!

The whole mattress industry, according to surveys and conducted research, on a global scale amounts up to a whopping $27.5 billion, that's right, we are talking about billions, not millions. A mattress; thus, is not a luxury; it is a necessity. 

For humans, a discomforting sleep can not only lead to a feeling of fatigue or exhaustion but also adversely affect the therapeutic wellness of human anatomy.

Therefore, making a good-quality mattress an essential in our lives for not only optimizing sleep but also our physical along with our psychological well being. 

why mattresses are expensive

Regardless of whether you may be a PRO within this industry or a new-comer in search of an effective mattress for investing in return to getting peaceful sleep for long term basis, the initial most shock you will get is without a doubt that of the high pricing of each Mattress. 

Unlike other commodities, it does not matter whether you are opting to purchase a foam mattress, a spring mattress or even a Hybrid mattress, the pricing will almost never vary by a large sum, even with numerous leading competitors in the market sphere.

Furthermore, the pricing will probably never drop below the $2000 price mark, with the core reason being the high manufacturing cost, with addition to elements such as retail price, profit margin along with the set market cost. 

Mostly, those new within the mattresses market sphere would think a higher price tag upon a type of Mattress would mean more top quality; however, keeping my hands-on experience in consideration, that is rarely ever the case.

In case you have found yourself scratching your heads, wondering why a good night's worth of sleep has to cost so excessively high? Well, my friend, you are in luck today! 

I intend on comprehensively discussing the elements which play an integral role in raising the overall market price of mattresses.

Taking the post a notch higher, I also plan on briefly educating you regarding the types of mattresses available at large in the market along with their set range of pricing in case you wish to identify the kind of Mattress which best suits your set budget. 

Let's start, shall we! 

an inelastic good

In my experience and personal circle of friends, the only time someone I know wishes to sleep on the hard, cold ground is probably for an extremely temporarily basis to rid themselves of back or shoulder pain.

Almost everyone I know and till now have come across, prefer sleeping on a soft, good-quality mattress than the hard floor? Why?

The answer to this is simple. Unlike the hard floor, a cushioned base beneath the body, when it is in a stationary position for long periods, helps with providing cushioned support to alleviate pressure points developed as a result of weight being placed on specific parts.

When in a stationary positioning for lengthy periods of time, body parts such as our shoulders, lumbar-back area including the hips are most commonly subject to becoming pressure points.

With a solid hard ground in contact, such pressure points can over-time become sore-points, resulting in chronic pains and even aches throughout the day. 

Alongside with avoiding chronic sore aches, sleeping on a soft, adequately cushioned mattress helps us smoothly change positions and is a huge factor for those heavy-sleepers which have a habit of tossing and turning during the night.

The comfortable transitioning even aids with keeping light-sleepers peacefully within the realm of their sleep even as they roll and turn during the night with the help of layered cushioning. 

Taking you back to high-school economics, mattresses within the industry are what is categorized as an ''inelastic good''.

Inelastic goods are those commodities whose buying or even the demand by consumers do not alter as a result of any increase in the price.

Thus, when the market price of mattresses goes up, their demand by prospective consumers stays the same; thus making them a necessary purchase within the market sphere. 

Optimal Lifespan

optimal lifespan of mattress

A mattresses lifespan depends upon several factors, including the type of utilization, e.g. if you have young children jumping on the Mattress as their source of joy.

Alongside with use, the overall stationary weight being placed upon the bed, regularly, furthermore, the sheer durability via the kind of coils or even the type of springs integrated within the foam is what makes a massive difference in the overall lifespan of a mattress you purchase. 

Aside from the factors mentioned above, the estimated aggregate lifespan of an effective mattress has totalled to be nearly a decade. Keeping that calculation in mind, let's refresh our mathematics, shall we!

For a bed that may have cost you $1000, if utilized regularly for 5-years straight, will divide the unit cost to $0.55 per 24-hours. Whereas, the daily price can drop even lower to $0.27 in case the life span extends to 10-years of usage.

In cases where the lifespan goes up to a whopping 15-years of regular utilization, then the daily price drops as low as $0.18 per 24-hours.

If you think about the cost utilization per day unit, then honestly, mattresses are not as expensive as you may think initially. 

No Market for Second-Hand Mattresses

second hand mattresses

In all my years of experience, I have never come across, nor do I hope to come across prospective buyers to purchase a second-hand mattress.

A bed's utilization can be filtered down to an ultimate of 2 core reasons, primarily for sleeping and secondly, in most cases, also for intimacy between you and your partner.

Keeping both reasons in mind, it is strongly advised to always opt for purchasing a brand new mattress rather than finalizing upon a second-hand bed, which may come along with a list of odd; yet, highly hygienic reasons. 

The only reason I would categorize it as safe and hygienic to sleep on hotel room beds is that they are subject to daily professional disinfection and cleaning.

Second-hand mattresses; however, are guaranteed not to have been neither sanitized or disinfected regularly; regardless, of how clean or organized the previous owner may have been. 

Aside from the above mentioned, prospective buyers must also keep in consideration the red-flags said ahead, concerning purchasing a second-hand mattress or overall bed set: 

The bed itself could be infested with bed-bugs or mites. Such infestations are microscopic; thus, invisible to the bare eye. A second-hand mattress could, as a result, look clean to the naked eye of prospective buyers; yet, be extremely infested.

Well-cushioned mattresses tend absorbing fluids into the several layers of cushioning incorporated within, in such cases, second-hand mattresses can have unknown fluids absorbed inside including bodily fluids and even in worst case scenarios even semen.

Depending upon its utilization as well as the shelf-life, a second-hand bed although may seem comfortable to sleep on from its exterior; however, the springs or coil inside could be extremely worn out due to prolonged utilization resulting in causing more discomfort than relaxation to the body when used.

Thus, without any significant presence of a second-hand mattress market within the industry, manufacturers are at ease without the fear of demand dropping, when placing expensive price tags on their manufactured new goods.

Mattresses as a Necessity

mattresses as a necessity

Unlike shopping for other commodities within the market, a mattress is purchased when it is urgently needed, without any long delays since the absence of an adequate bed can result in adverse psychological along with physical effects upon users. 

Prospective buyers rarely ever enter the market sphere for window shopping purposes, discomforting sleep or even a troubled spine, and bodily aches such as chronic anatomy pains, are among the core reasons behind why users rush to the market sphere for purchasing the Mattress which best suits their needs. 

With the factor of urgency, and the factual component of prospective buyers being in the market sphere due to their dire personal need of a new mattress, manufacturers tend to place high prices on their latest and comforting mattress models. 

No DIY Beds

no diy beds

What is DIY? Well, a DIY stands for ''do it yourself'', if you put two and two together, you will understand that I am referring to a ''Do it Yourself Mattress creation'', while in my opinion is humanly impossible. 

Manufacturing a capable, trustworthy mattress takes a considerable amount of mechanical technology merged with trained labour.

Placing the coils and springs together, which create the foundation of a bed is something which no man/woman can do with their bare hands even if a DIY mattress at some point does appear in the world of Pinterest and Reddit. 

Each Mattress has a type, with varying specialized spring placement, designs and variety of cushioning as well as layers used.

Thus even if at some point a DIY to creating a mattress does arise in the realms of the mighty internet, let me assure you, an amateur will find it extremely difficult to make a bed which is ideal for adequate sleeping even if the instructions are strictly followed. 

For utmost convenience, I would accurately advise you to purchase a new mattress regardless of the hefty price, than use up precious hours from your day into not only buying the required resources but also trying to build a useful bed. 

Reaching the end of the post, let me tell you, although mattresses are costly, enough to nearly give you a shock at first glance of the price tag attached; however, investing in an effective mattress makes it worth the price.

For long-term utilization, investing in a proper bed is what gives you the relaxation and comfort of a peaceful sleep; which for effective bodily functioning is an essential component. 

A restless night because of inadequate cushioning, or eve, worse no cushioning due to the absence of a mattress is a pain I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

Therefore, if you are new into the mattress industry, I hope this guide makes it easier for you to digest the high cost of purchasing a new mattress. 

Good luck with the purchase, since a good night's sleep has no price tag!

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