Yoga Burn Review – Does the 12-Week Yoga Burn Challenge Work?

For all the women that are sick and tired of those heavy workouts, or the ones that generally dislike going to the gym, you’re in for a treat. 

Well, how do you feel about going to the gym every day? Isn’t it hard to make time for something regularly in this fast paced life? What do you think about weight lifting that leaves your body aching for days? 

To me, it isn’t anything more than a hassle. I’m the person who likes staying in her comfort zone, so it totally makes sense why I don’t agree with the entire concept of going to the gym every day. 

So how can you shed those extra pounds without really getting yourself into the trouble of paying hefty gym membership fees? How can you get back into shape without following a strict workout regimen? 

Such questions have been making the rounds in my mind for quite some time now. It was just recently I finally found a solution to all my worries.

It’s Yoga Burn, a 12-week yoga guide that is specially conceptualized to help women get back in shape. It’s been four weeks since I started following this amazing program, and guess what? I feel active and lean already.

Needless to say, yoga is the best alternative to all those heavy gym exercises. The best part of the story is that the yoga exercises mentioned in this guide are organized in a way that it won’t take more than 12 weeks to show the longed-for results.

Wait... What makes this program worthwhile? What is it about this yoga guide that makes it the best of them all?

Alright. In order to address all your questions and more, I’m going to review the Yoga Burn guide in detail today. Let’s see what surprises it brings for you.

What is Yoga Burn?

yoga burn review

First thing first, how can we move forward unless we’re not clear about the primary step. What do you think Yoga Burn really is?

It’s a digital program that comes with various yoga exercises, all set and planned for the next 12 weeks of your life. These three months would define your life the way you need it.

How? Need I remind you that yoga has various other health benefits other than losing weight? It’s great for cardiac health, works well for digestion, increases flexibility, aids in getting rid of stress, and whatnot? It is precisely the reason why I believe Yoga Burn is a complete package to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You must be thinking yoga involves exercise too, but it isn’t anything tiring, I promise. I know because I’m not the person who’ll ever try heavy weightlifting exercises or go to the gym regularly. This program has already become my favorite in the period of only four weeks, so I have to say it’s exceptional.

This incredible guide is divided into three chapters; each one of them is based on the rules of Dynamic Sequencing. So yes, it brings along proper guidelines about how you can perform every exercise to get closer to your goal of a well-toned body.

The good thing is that this yoga guide works well for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or already a pro at yoga, Yoga Burn has got you covered. Isn’t it wonderful?

Live video: Here is the link to the live informative guide of Yoga Burn. 

The Brain Behind Yoga Burn

zoe bray yoga burn

I’m certain it wouldn’t be fair to continue without introducing you to the genius mind behind Yoga Burns, it’s Zoe Bray.

She’s a successful yoga instructor as well as a personal trainer who’s been in the field for a really long time now. You can call her an expert in female body transformation as she’s exceptionally dedicated about helping women to maintain a perfect body.

She also works as a personal trainer for several people with yoga as her expertise. She has been teaching about it in many states of North America for nearly ten years now.

So with her astounding experience, here she is today, along with a remarkable yoga program.

The Central Idea Behind Yoga Burns

idea behind yoga burns

Now that we’ve established that Yoga Burns is an outstanding yoga program that comes with promising results, let’s see how it works.

As I mentioned, this guide is all about assisting you in toning your body and shedding those extra pounds. It comes with a goal to provide you with a perfectly aligned body and topnotch performance levels.

So it’s a 12-week yoga guide that is divided into three chapters, and each chapter lasts for four weeks. Now let’s shed light on every chapter for what it’s worth.

Chapter 1: The Foundation Course

The first chapter lays the foundation for the entire program. It prepares you for the professional yoga exercises with some conventional steps in the beginning.

It will also aid in maintaining poses. Yoga poses are quite complicated, what do you think about it? Well, it seems that way. In this chapter, you’ll come across a step-by-step guide that will help maintain the yoga poses correctly.

Besides that, you’ll have a few exercises, the ones with the gentle flow, for example, stretching, sitting with crossed legs, breathing in and out, and more. It is something that will eventually help you in strengthening your inner body.

Chapter 2: The Transitional Course

In the second chapter of this yoga program, you’ll learn how to move from one yoga pose to another while maintaining the momentum safely. It will help you maintain a sequence in your workout session.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about mixing and combining different poses of yoga, and it is something that will boost your metabolism and maximize the rate of fat burning in your body.

Consider this phase a crucial one in terms of developing stamina and flexibility. After that, you’ll finally move towards the last and final chapter of this fabulous guide. I’m sure here you’ll be able to foresee the results, which is going to be a surreal experience.

Chapter 3: The Mastery Course

In this chapter of the guide, you’ll finally learn to combine numerous yoga poses and that too, in a professional manner. It will gradually create a specialized yoga regimen for you, and that is all you need to achieve your goal.

At this point, you’ll successfully burn all those extra calories while shedding away that unnecessary fat mass. After this phase, all you need to do is maintain a proper fitness regime and stay healthy.

A friend of mine who tried this guide before told me about how refreshed she felt at the end of this chapter.

On top of that, she lost her stubborn belly fat in these three months, and not just that, she also got rid of her excessive fat muscles and built lean muscles instead. What else would you expect from this program anyway?

All these chapters bring along their own instructions as well as videos to help you understand the yoga poses better.

They include three exercises each, which means you’ll have a total of nine visual guides along with additional tips and tricks. Every yoga exercise included in all three chapters lasts for 15 minutes with a 3-time loop so that a single session would take 45 minutes of your day. Quite convenient, eh?

Apart from that, there are three additional tutorials given in the guide that can further enhance your yoga experience. Though they’re not restricted to any phase, you can follow them whenever suitable.

Beginner’s Workout

It’s a mini-guide that involves workout sessions for beginners. The exercises and poses included in this tutorial would be simply followed by a relaxation therapy, so you don’t feel tired afterward.

This tutorial would last for 45 minutes to be accurate, and it’s great for your basic training.

Tranquility Session

In this tutorial, a number of therapeutic yoga exercises are included. The activities involved in this session would increase your body’s flexibility while relaxing you in the meantime. It will also aid in improving your posture and would help with spinal issues if you have any.

Adding to it, it will not just relax you physically but will also help you unwind mentally. This tutorial would last for 15 minutes.

Pose Guide

Here you’ll find visual descriptions of how you can make and hold various poses involved in yoga exercises. I believe Zoe knows the struggles a beginner goes through, so she has created this separate tutorial session just to help you with that.

This mini-guide would involve 21 short videos that will teach you about beginner’s level yoga poses. How thoughtful is that?

Henceforth, I’d say there’s nothing to worry about even if you’re new in the world of yoga. Zoe has got your back at every step of the way. After all, that’s how a good fitness instructor should be.

Merits and Demerits of Yoga Burn for Women

yoga burn for women

When investing in something, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Do you analyze its advantages and disadvantages? I most certainly do.

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll be thinking if this product is worth giving a try. So here I’m going to list down a few merits and demerits of Yoga Burn so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Pros of Yoga Burn

They say it’s better to start with the positive side of the story, so I think it would be fair if we start with the pros first. 

Perfect for All Fitness Levels

Like I said it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or already a pro, this yoga program covers all fitness levels. For the beginners, an additional set of tutorials is included in this guide. 

All these tutorials will guide you about every pose, including how you can switch from one pose to another. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced yogi, numerous methods are outlined that will provide you with a more challenging workout according to your level of skills. 

Adequate Time

Going to a gym seven days a week needs some serious commitment, and I’m afraid it isn’t possible for a person like me who has a hectic routine.

The Yoga Burn requires only three days a week, and it won’t take more than 45 minutes for a session, which makes it user-friendly.

However, it is up to you if you feel like giving more time to it. I believe yoga is something too healthy to negotiate the time. Yet, I’d say 45 minutes three times a week are more than enough, I know because I’m following this program too.

It’s been four weeks today, and I can already see a significant difference in my body. Trust me; there’s no better feeling.

Self-Dependent Workout

Most of the time, hiring a personal trainer becomes too much of a hassle. In fact, I know people that are generally against it.

If I talk about my own opinion, I’ll always prefer exercising at my own place. Why? Maybe it’s comfortable that way, and this is where Yoga Burn jumps in.

This incredible yoga program allows you to perform your regular workout sessions on your own and that too, in the comfort of your home. You can practice it at any time of the day with no time strings attached.

Oh, and one thing that makes it the best is that your only competition will be YOU. You’ll know what you need and require; there’ll be no other yogis to compare anything with.


This one’s a primary concern for pretty much everyone out there. Okay, how much do you think a gym membership is going to cost you? Or, how much would you pay your personal trainer?

It can become pretty expensive, driving yourself to the gym every day, along with the monthly gym charges as well as payments for the trainers. No wonder it can take a toll on your pocket. So why not try something at home that is economically priced and brings fruitful results too? Yes, it’s Yoga Burns.

It’s pocket-friendly, and the results are certainly promising. Still, if you have doubts in your mind, know that the product is covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case you’re not satisfied with the coming results, you can always return it and get your paid amount refunded. So that’s one secure purchase, no?

A Great Stress Management Remedy

Zoe understands your unnecessary weight gain like no one else. It is primarily why she has emphasized on how stress is mostly a culprit behind weight gain.

In this yoga program, she has introduced many anti-stress yoga therapies in order to target the root cause of your weight gain. This way, it helps relieve stress while biting fat at the same time.

Besides that, when you’re not performing any exercise under pressure, it relieves your stress on its own. Working out in the comfort of your home at the time of your convenience, if that isn’t an idea of relaxation, I don’t know what is.

Starts off Easy

As a matter of fact, it’s quite complicated to start with advanced yoga poses, especially when you’re a newbie and know nothing about the subject.

In this yoga guide, you’ll find a step-by-step plan that goes from simple yoga poses to advanced ones. The entire program is tailored according to your ease and comfort, and this is a significant difference between Yoga Burn and traditional yoga sessions at a wellness club.

Breathing Flow 

‘Breathe in, breathe out,’ if you’ve ever tried a yoga class, you’ll know those are the words you’ll hear again and again, back and forth. Why? Well, yoga is all about releasing stress and negative energies while toning your body in the meantime. 

A lot of yoga programs out there fail to educate you about breathing and its importance in the world of yoga. However, this guide particularly emphasizes on your breathing flow while educating you about various yoga poses. It will teach you about how you need to breathe while holding one pose and switching to another. Consider this a crucial step when performing yoga! 

When you’re breathing right, you’re better focused, and that’s everything you need at the end of the day.

Cons of Yoga Burns

Even though there are minimal cons of this yoga program, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’m sure you’d like to know about them before you finally decide to go ahead and purchase it.

So let’s have a look at the demerits of this yoga program.

No Guarantee for Results 

You can take it as my word of caution. Although the feedback for this product is positive and a lot of women are in awe of this guide, yet it doesn’t guarantee to help you.

Everyone has a different body type, and not everyone gains weight in a similar way. I know a lot of people that are not much of a foodie, still they keep crying about their weight all the time, given the fact that they gain quickly as compared to others. On the other hand, there are people that don’t gain much weight no matter how much they eat.

Similarly, Yoga Burns doesn’t work well for everyone. Though it comes with an excellent outlook, the results may vary from one person to another. Remember that your result highly depends on your lifestyle, body type, metabolic rate, genetics, and more.

Hence, a few people may have to put a little extra effort by making necessary changes in their lifestyle with this yoga program.

Boring Repetition

For people expecting back to back new poses, this guide may become boring at one point. As I’ve shared above, each video is for 15 minutes that you’ll have to repeat thrice, making it a total of 45 minutes. When repeating similar steps for the third time, it can be boring.

Though it isn’t really a con for many, I personally disliked the factor, so I call it a downside. I think if it was a complete video of 45 minutes with new techniques and poses, it could have been a lot more interesting.

Not Suitable for Advanced Yogis

For the advanced yogis or people that perform yoga on a regular basis, this guide may not be good enough. Anyone who’s into daily yoga knows and understands the basics, so what’s the point of spending on something if there’s nothing new to try?

Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that this yoga program is not suitable for advanced yogis. After all, the goal is to move forward rather backward. Makes sense, eh?

Apart from that, in case of an underlying health condition, you may or may not be able to perform it. Henceforth, I’ll recommend you get a complete medical examination prior to starting this yoga program. 

Rest assured, yoga brings along several physiological and psychological health benefits for you. It isn’t only about losing weight; it’s an ultimate guide for emotional as well as physical healing. Thereby, it definitely deserves a chance. I’m sure it will eventually become a part of your routine, just like it has become a significant part of mine. I believe yoga keeps both my mind and body in perfect harmony, and I couldn’t ask for more. 

Make sure to read the guide thoroughly and carefully anticipate your needs before you finally make a decision. It isn’t too much to ask, or is it? 

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